Loving Husband....Regretting Decisions?!

I love my husband to distraction! He's everything I wanted in man when I married him & I feel the same way today. However I'm feeling hurt and frustrated with him. Through no fault of his own he lost his job...over a year ago. He's done odd jobs and has been an awesome help around the house. I know it's been h****** him & he is withdrawing further into himself the longer he's out of work.
Lately I've been online talking to friends new & old. One of my new friends stirs something inside me I thought only my husband could touch. With this new friend I feel excitement & passion stirring. I've only ever been intimate with my husband & have no complaints about the quality of our love-making. I am not looking to cheat or get involved in an illicit affair....so why am I flirting with this new person? He's quite a bit older than me (always a turn on since I was a teenager), he's smart, wicked funny & not at all attainable. So why did I engage in a session of mutual gratification via the internet last night? It felt so good to get off with this person (even though we are thousands of miles apart). Now I feel guilty. I have no intention of being unfaithful to my husband. Confessing to him would only hurt him & damage our marriage in a way that it may not survive. I want to eat my cake & have it too...
Such a jumbled mess I've made in my heart.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Everyone likes to be made to fell good. Dont do anything to hurt your husband. I gave in to these passions and it ended my marriage. I fell for someone else. I didnt mean to, and my stb ex husband is amazing, but after a while of being involved with someone else i couldnt love my husband in a romantic way anymore. Be careful. Make sure you know what you really want. Good luck.

  • Nothing wrong, as long as it's just online. It could even improve s** with your husband. I'm 40 and married, wouldn't bother me if my wife was flirting online. She did last year and it improved our s** life. Just as long as you still love your husband.

  • By flirting online, you have already put yourself out there as available. I understand not being able to tell your husband what you have done, but I would suggest making it your only time commiting the act. Once married, s** is between you and your husband. End of story. It doesn't matter if there is a computer and one million miles between you and your online fling, cheating is cheating.

  • Fine to flirt long-distance, makes you feel still hot, but DON'T bring it offline or follow-through, trust me. It sounds like you've got the perfect flirtationship arrangement, just as long as it doesn't get out of hand and you don't start neglecting your wonderful husband.

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