Xi Jinping the Chinky B******

Xi Jinping is a little chinky f***. To start off, he’s the big chinky dictator with his yellow face plastered all over his polluted and grey nation. He is the leader of the same government which is replaying history in the form of the Holocaust, this time with Uighur Muslims (sorry if that’s spelt wrong) and he also violates several human rights violations on a day to day basis. Yet - nothing. No media coverage, no UN intervention nothing. This man stepped foot on British soil and I regret not having the chance to smash his chinky little yellow dumpling face into the ground and I would enjoy every single one of his dying moments. Whatever afterlife may come, this ching Chong b****** will rot for eternity. This smug arrogant b****** who thinks so much of himself little chinky f***. I hope he inhales and suffocates on all the pollution his s***** nation has caused. Prior to me gaining this hatred of Xi Jinping, I had no ill intent towards Chinese citizens and I still don’t. There’s just no other words that can satisfy my hatred towards this filthy man whom this world needs not. He turned his entire nation into a f****** corporation (no different from the likes of America however they do no violate human rights on such a scale) and uses his own people for personal profit. Chinky little f***. I will adore the day he dies, yet envy his killer. I would love to squeeze the sick life out of his chinky little face and watch his struggle for breath inch him closer and closer towards death. He will plead for mercy yet I will be the deliverer of karma to this man and I will show him no mercy like he did to millions of others. In that moment he feel like one of his own victims and with that comes the end of his tyrannical reign.

Jun 3, 2021

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  • Chinese are full of hate. I live with them and they enjoy making my daily life a living h***. They are abusive and I think society helps abusers because abusers typically have more money than abuse victims. People like to suggest the victim to leave. It is hard to make the money to afford a house. I am their black sheep kid. When Chinese record themselves torturing animals, they would lie about tenderizing meat. The chiropractor will tell you muscles tense up from stress. I think it is Chinese culture to lie a lot. I always hear them say they will fight white people one day just like thy did with Vietnam (Vietnam had ethnically Chinese citizens living in their country). I think Chinese kids are their punching bags. In their country they abuse kids and torture animals.

  • Chinese on the mainland think they are racially superior and despise non Chinese

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