Nude hiking

I was at my local nudist park, and I went for a walk. The park is not all that big so I decided to chance it and walk off the property. It was a Wednesday and I figured there wouldn’t be many if any folks on the path and, for the most part, I was right. That said, it was not completely empty. After about 20 minutes, during a part of the path where they are frequent switch backs, I saw a couple coming towards me. They had not seemed to notice me or at least the was naked yet. After a couple of switchbacks, I could tell it was a woman and a teenager probably 17-19. I assumed I was a mother daughter couple.

I decided then to continue forward and a few moments later I heard the girl say, “I think he is naked.” And the mother responded with a “Oh, you are right, look at that – well all of that"…and chuckled. As we got closer to each other the girl added “He is all shaved.” And few more moments we were just within feet of each other. They both looked me up and down. “Well let me guess you are a nudist and thought no one would be here…” “Hi, yes, I am sorry, I hope this is, OK?” and alluded to my body. “Hmmm, you didn’t even try to hide when you first saw us, so I am thinking you wanted to be caught.” “Well, I thought it a nude hiker isn’t that bad.” “You didn’t really think now did you?” As the mother said that she took me by the arm and walked me over into a clearing.” The girl followed keeping her eyes all over me, “Why are you shaved?” she asked. “Actually, it’s from waxing, a lot of nudists do it.”
The mother then walked me over to a tree and spent a few moments to looking around and finally found a switch she thought was a good size. She indicated that I should lean against the tree. I asked, “Is this really that bad?” “I don’t know but I bet it is better this then telling the cops – you aren’t in the park now and you know it!” (She knew about the park!) I glanced at the girl and said sorry again though she did not look like she was freaking out – and that this point had more of a worried look on her face for me. I leaned against the tree. “Stick your butt out a bit, this is going to sting.” I stuck out my butt and then felt the first of many swats. I winced and pulled my butt in. “Get it back out there,” she said, and I followed suit which was followed up by another swat. After about 20 or so she handed the switch to the girl and told her to give me at least five more. While I didn’t expect it to feel good, her swats made her mother’s feel like a vacation! This girl knew how to wield a switch and it was not 5 but more like 12.

Even with pain of the swats, the idea about all this time outside with two fully clothed women spanking me started to take its toll. I was starting to get an erection though doing my best to hold it
is check. While it was not full it was obvious to them, certainly the mother, that I was starting to rise to the occasion. “Wow, you certainly are enjoying your predicament! Maybe best you get along now and back to the park before you are caught again.” She swatted my butt with her bare hand I said, “Get going.” Without another word, I headed back to the path to the park, looking back only once and by now I was fully erect. Thankfully, I did not bump into anyone else and made it back to the park. I gingerly got to my car, dressed, and left figuring I did not want anyone there seeing my red backside.

Jun 7, 2021

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  • Sounds like you liked being caught and whipped since you did not "really" resist at all.

    More importantly though, here is good mother who did not just freak out but taught her daughter a power play. Not only did she get to see a naked man, but saw her mom take control of the situation and then let her have a hand in it as well (the extra 12 which appears she relished given the ramped up intensity of her swings).

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