My rapist is marrying my ex-BF and she wants me to attend

I was raped in August of 2019 by my (at the time) best friend's boyfriend. He told her I came onto him and made him cheat on her, and when I told her the truth, she believed him. Every time I see them together it hurts because I know what he is, and I don't want her to support someone like that. We have tried to reconnect several times, but she keeps trying to force him into our get-togethers and into our conversations.

For example, whenever we're on the phone, she'll tell me he said hi and she'll ask me if I want to speak to him. She'll get upset when I tell her no and it normally leads into an argument. Well, I stopped talking to her for a solid month, and she calls me to break the big news. They are going to get married at the end of the month on the 29th, which is my birthday. Yes, she is well aware of that. She wants me to spend my birthday at her wedding and after-party.

Am I crazy for thinking that they are doing this on purpose? Apart of me thinks she still believes my rapist, and is trying to get back at me in any way she can. I don't know if she's in on this or if he's controlling her like a puppet. Either way thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. Should I even go to their wedding? I don't want to but she's been persistent. I'm thinking about blocking her number and being done with it all.

Jun 21, 2021

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  • Why would you let her marry this creep ? How did he rape you and get away with it ? You should cut his d*** off right before the wedding and say he tried to rape you again.

  • If you do go to the wedding, maybe you will meet a really nice guy and start a new a great relationship.
    Look up NPD , I stands for Nassasistic Personality Disorder.
    And look at the info it has on such a person, it might be the case that he, is one and she is believing all if his BS. That would be ( Love Bombing ), he might be doing this to her.
    I wish you well and I hope you find the perfect guy your looking for.
    I'm sorry I was not there to help you when you were raped, I would have loved to beat the Crap out-of him and made him insert a Butt plug into his self with out lube!!!!!!!!
    Like I said I'm sorry I was not there for you when you needed help.
    It makes me really up set when I hear about rape and he got away with it so far but his life is not over and maybe Karma will pay him a visit yet.
    I know I would love to visit with him, he won't like it but at least he would see how it feels to not be in control and have things happen to him.
    I hope you have a good life and be happy!!!!
    If your a good person then you already Won!!!!!

  • Iā€™m sorry to hear your story

    But I am thinking your friend may find it arousing. I suggest you entertain them. Throw yourself at the boyfriend and f*** his brains out. Make him want you and desire you every time he is with her.

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