My first time wearing panties

I have been wearing panties for over 20 years now. I love the feeling of the smooth material on my skin. Panties, bras, lingerie of all types, I just love wearing them!
It all started as a boy. It was summer vacation and many of us had gone to grandmas house out in the country for vacation time. Grandma always had the kids come out to the farm for two weeks or so to help out and have time with our cousins and relatives. There were 8 of us kids running around and having a good time.
Grandma would always set out our clothes in the bathroom in the evening so we could shower and get ready for bed. I went in to the bathroom and undressed, climbed into the shower and washed myself. I was 10 yrs old at the time. After finishing my shower I stepped out, dried off and reached over to my pile of pajamas grandma had left for me. I moved the bottoms off the pile to get my underwear and stood there not sure what to do... There, on the pajamas was a pair of pink panties that had little red hearts on them. I picked them up and just looked at them, I knew obviously the were not mine, but just stared at them. These were girls underwear, I thought to myself! She must of heard the shower had stopped because I heard grandma say, “hurry up your cousin still had to shower”. I quickly pulled the panties on feeling them on my body, feeling them on my skin. They were just cotton panties, but they felt so much different than the underwear I normally wore!
I looked in the mirror at myself and was amazed at how they looked on me and how amazing it felt wearing them. I had never had a feeling like that about a piece of clothing before!
Grandma knocked on the door and again, told me to hurry up, so I quickly finished putting on my pajamas and left the bathroom.
The feeling of wearing my cousins panties secretly and they way they made me feel was amazing, intoxicating even. I had had erections before, but going to bed that night it was the hardest I had ever been up to that point.
I have never forgotten that feeling and still have it when I put on a new pair of panties or lingerie I have purchased for myself even all these years later.

Jun 23, 2021

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  • Love wearing panties

  • The feeling of wearing panties or sexy lingerie is good! come out and say i am out everyone will move on i did that!

  • I love panties and diapers both give me that feeling

  • I am a long time crossdresser, love it all am dressed right now.Dress up ever chance I get.Even more fun when I meet h**** guys and be there b****

  • Panties are one of the finer things in life.. I too have tons of panty stories. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy!

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