Needing money ia a b****!

What would you do for money? I am 24 years old and graduated college with a business degree. I started at a travel agency right out of school and was doing quite well. Until all this damn virus crap. You can imagine being in the travel industry things went belly up quick. I had a little saving and moved back into my parents house to make ends meet. I come from a family that DOES NOT take handouts or welfare. I got a part time job at a small trucking company working the books.
Shortly after starting the job I began hearing rumors from the drivers that the owner was a dirtbag. He basically tried to f*** every female who entered the door and had supposedly dealt with harassment complaints and even a paternity.
Well it didn't take long... The owner is a 60 year old black man. I am white by the way. His son runs the day to day operations as "route manager". Less than a week in the owner calls me into his office and offers me a full time job and good money. The offer was conditional on me spending the night with him in a hotel room.
I said "no". but I actually considered it for real. Then after receiving a call and repo threat about my overdue car payments. I told him "yes".
The agreement was that I meet him at the hotel after work and spend the entire night. In return I would fill out the paperwork and start full time pay the next day.
When I arrived at the hotel I was nervous as I knocked on the door. I panicked when I entered the room. The owner and his son were both there and only wearing boxers. I tried to protest but they were on my like h**** wolves. I don't know what kind of v***** fest they was on but no foreplay was needed. They were hard and ready to go. They partially undressed me before I knew it I was laying on the bed and the old man was between my legs f****** like a p*** star. He was in good shape for a 60 year old and his c*** was above average. His son climbed onto the bed and pushed a very large c*** in my face. It was then I realized the old man was not wearing a condom. I tried to get him to pull out and get a condom but he just kept f******. I spent the next four hours with both of them taking turns on me. They even tried to double penetrate me at one point but I DO NOT do a***. Luckily they were ok with that restriction. But they did try to put both c**** into my p**** at the same time. It did not work, the sons c*** was too big. The old man eventually left for home and the son stayed the night.
I got the job the next day. I still work there and make a good living.

Jun 24, 2021

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  • I am a married male of 20 years. We married young and our first apartment was in small complex. Our next door neighbor was a mid forties gay guy. Very gay, but he was nice. He loved to cook and would occasionally bring over a dish of something. One day I was home alone when he stopped by. He offered me fifty bucks to let him give me a b******. I took it. From there he would pay me and suck me off once a week. I never told my wife.

  • Joblessness in lock down period has been almost killing me for several months. I used to spend hours sitting on a park bench with a cheapest sandwich for lunch until I met this gentleman aged about 65 - retired and living alone. We got friendly and I asked him for a job - any kind. He invited me to his home for coffee and told me whether I am ready to give company to lonely older men living alone for couple of hours with benefits. One thing led to another and we had s**. He was really good and I was s** starved. After two hours with him he handed me $200. Within a moth I got to know six of his friends - they all are friendly and generous. Some have ED problem but loved my body, still in good shape with firm b**** at my age of 32! I now meet three guys a day and earn good money.

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