p**** starvation

my guy is always asking me for s** and i always say no. we have been talking for about 3 years now and i feel its just a bit too soon for that, do you think am being wicked or i'm just not ready yet.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You sound like you might be demisexual.
    But sweetie, you should not have s** if you don’t feel ready yet. If he doesn’t accept it, break up with him. S** shouldn’t be something you’re forced to, it should be a great and lovely experience for both you and your partner. So if you don’t feel ready it’s absolutely ok(and you both shall feel the desire to do it without any force only love), and if your boyfriend doesn’t accept it you should leave him.

    Say someone who’s aromantic asexual who isn’t interested in relationships/marriage or s** at all lol 😂

  • B****!!!!!

  • Why?

  • He should take you someplace nice and private. Someplace where nobody will hear the screaming.
    Tear off your clothes and f*** you until you can't walk.
    And I'm talking that after three f*****' years, he should tear your little ass apart!
    He should f*** you so hard you'll need a wheelchair for the next month.
    And when he's all done, he should make you wipe him off with your panties and put them back on.
    He needs to learn the Golden Rule of P****.
    Treat Whores like Queens and Queens like Whores.

  • omg are you waiting for hover beds or some thing i mean he should f*** off

  • Why don't you just declare it a non-sexual relationship and just call him a friend and confidant. Romance and intimacy must evolve or be addressed in some form. Are you blowing him or handjobs or anything like that?

  • If #1 is right, break up with him, he's probably chested alread.

  • i dont think you like him. maybe you're confused yourself.

  • I agree with commenter number one.
    I'm a chick .
    If a dude or chick made me wait that long... well, I wouldn't be around that long. haha.
    if youre a virgin, i guess its understandable, and depending on your age... but seriously.

  • 3 f****** years!? holy s***!!!!

  • why are you torturing your guy? are you on a power trip...

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