My husband’s large p****

I am married to a Brit. Now living in America. My husband wears thong swimsuits. He is very comfortable in them. But it shows his large flaccid p**** through the nylon. When we came back to America my mom and dad took us, my sister and her husband on vacation to Daytona Beach. The first morning on the beach, bearing in mind, my mom and sister had not seen my husband in a swim suit, we all gathered on the beach. I had my husband wear the smallest, tightest thong he had. My mom and sister could not take their eyes off my husband’s p****. Now my sister and I had small children and were paying attention to them when I said to my sister why don’t you and my husband take a walk we will watch the kids. We can take turns! I knew what I was saying, so too, did my mom. Yes go on my mom said. My husband stood his large p**** packed inside his small thong. We would not let my sister not do this. The fun of it I thought. Most American men wear shorts. My sister was in a bikini and my husband in a thong. We were all smiling as they walked away. My sister later told me the rest of the story. As we walked there were lots of people looking. Your husband said , your bikini is drawing attention, it fits you very well! We reach a pier and got a drink. Your husband said to me, why was I looking sheepish and nervous during our walk? I asked, do most men in Europe wear thong type speedo swim suits ? He said yes! Why? Here, few men do. I then told him, they are looking at your massive bulge. My sister never mentioned to me your size.

Jul 17, 2021

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  • I love my husband’s 10” c***. His creamy delicious load is the largest I have ever received 🍆💦💦💦💦👄

  • I am what most folks would call blessed, although I disagree since several times I have had a potential partner reject me due to the size. (Think a coke can and half again longer.)
    Yes, really. In high school I got teased with no mercy since in gym class and sports the guys showered together, I dwarfed all of them.
    But other females go just plain nuts, I learned to not surprise any possible partners so I would usually take dates to the beach or river on a 1st date (weather permitting) and wear a stretchy type suit. I also joined an area spa, so we could have a swim date. I found about 10-15% didn't want 2nd dates. Some wanted to go home with me on the first date. My current wife likes my size very much so it works for us. She was laughing when she told me our first child she darn near missed the nurse... One funny one, I met my wife after dating her sister who wanted nothing to do with that thing, she told her sister about my size and came after me deliberately.

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