I saw my mum`s f**** ad now I can`t stop wanking

Today I walked into the dining room for breakfast .
Mum was in her nightie and had her back to me.
I noticed the nightie was transparent ad I could see my mum`s bare bum cheeks. I sat down and studied my mum`s bottom. Mum turned around and gave me a cup of tea.
I now could see my mum`s f**** hair, her nipples and the outline of her b****** as the nighties hid nothing.
I said " mum, do you know your nightie is see through and I can see everything , I can see your hairy f**** and your t*** ? "
Mum said, " I know you spy on me undressing son so it`s no big deal is it ? you`ve seen it all before." I asked " So you don`t mind then mum ."
She replied " No , you`ve seen it all before, Steve. Look and enjoy."
I said , " In that case mum I`d like a closer look , come and stand in front of me please". Mum did asked. I took hold of the hem of mum`s nightie and said " Can I lift this up and see your f**** properly mum ?" Mum nodded. i raised the nightie and studied my mum`s hairy brown f**** close up for the first time. I took a sniff and buried my face briefly in mum`s thick mass of curly pubes. Mum is 52 yrs old. Mum then said " Would you like to see my t*** properly too ?" I nodded.
I watched as my mum pulled the nightie over her head , turned around briefly , then stood completed naked in front of me.
" Touch me if you want Steve, " she said , anywhere you like.
I cupped my mum`s b******, ran my fingers through her pubes,felt her bum cheeks and had a feel between her legs. I came in my pants. I can`t stop wanking now and I have a permanent b****.
I can`t believe mum let me do that .

4 days

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