I saw my mum`s f**** ad now I can`t stop wanking

Today I walked into the dining room for breakfast .
Mum was in her nightie and had her back to me.
I noticed the nightie was transparent ad I could see my mum`s bare bum cheeks. I sat down and studied my mum`s bottom. Mum turned around and gave me a cup of tea.
I now could see my mum`s f**** hair, her nipples and the outline of her b****** as the nighties hid nothing.
I said " mum, do you know your nightie is see through and I can see everything , I can see your hairy f**** and your t*** ? "
Mum said, " I know you spy on me undressing son so it`s no big deal is it ? you`ve seen it all before." I asked " So you don`t mind then mum ."
She replied " No , you`ve seen it all before, Steve. Look and enjoy."
I said , " In that case mum I`d like a closer look , come and stand in front of me please". Mum did asked. I took hold of the hem of mum`s nightie and said " Can I lift this up and see your f**** properly mum ?" Mum nodded. i raised the nightie and studied my mum`s hairy brown f**** close up for the first time. I took a sniff and buried my face briefly in mum`s thick mass of curly pubes. Mum is 52 yrs old. Mum then said " Would you like to see my t*** properly too ?" I nodded.
I watched as my mum pulled the nightie over her head , turned around briefly , then stood completed naked in front of me.
" Touch me if you want Steve, " she said , anywhere you like.
I cupped my mum`s b******, ran my fingers through her pubes,felt her bum cheeks and had a feel between her legs. I came in my pants. I can`t stop wanking now and I have a permanent b****.
I can`t believe mum let me do that .

Jul 19, 2021

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  • Literotica. Send it over there! Not here!

  • Kjbmoore78@gmail.com
    Of you wanna see pics of my gf

  • My mom bathed with the door never shut. The first time I caught a glimpse of her soap covered body really got me excited. I couldn't help but watch her and felt my c*** harden in my pants. I'd never noticed how big and firm her t*** were and definitely didn't know she shaved her p****. I went to my room and got my adult magazine from under the bed and dropped my pants. My hard c*** leaking. I started to w*** as I flicked the pages looking for a similar women. I wanted to watch mom as I w***** so went back onto the landing outside the bathroom door. I watched her as she bathed. As she stood up and soaped herself then rinsed off. I was so hard as I w**** even harder and faster. I watched as she stepped out of the bath and could clearly see her naked body. Looking at her p**** I rubbed my c*** on the magazine thinking it was mom and unloaded all over the models p****.
    Just as mom was drying off. I snook back into my room pulled my pants up. Put my mag back and went to go back downstairs before mom saw me.
    That was only the start of what was to come...

  • This reminded me of the first time I saw my mum`s naked body .
    I was 16 and mum was 50. I was walking past to kitchen on the way to the loo, when mum called me in to the kitchen and said
    " Why do you sniff my knickers ?" I didn`t know what to say, and just looked at her with a lump in my throat.
    Mum said " Do you want to see me naked ? I think you do."
    With that mum started to undress as I watched.
    Off cane her trouser first, followed by her top .
    By now I was hard looking at her knickers and her cleavage.
    Mum took off her bra and gave it to me smiling, standing there in just her knickers. " You want these off too, don`t you ? You want to see my f**** too don`t you ? " I nodded .
    Mum dropped her knickers and handed them to me saying " Sniff them while they`re fresh son if you want, go on ." I stared at my mums t*** and hairy f**** and sniffed her knickers deeply as she watched .
    Mum watched as I removed a couple of her pubic hairs from her knickerswith my teeth.
    Mum then said " I want to see your c*** now son, I think that`s fair, youve seen my f**** and how hairy it is, so g
    Mum wanked me off as I felt her t*** and felt her pubes.

  • My mom bathed me as a child, it was usually twice a week. My Dad left us when I was three. That continued, normal until I reached puberty and began to get erections, she washed me "there" also and I was having climaxes. It was just normal to me. When I was older, she did stop for awhile but one day I was taking a bath getting ready for a first date and she came in to help. It was showers by then she stripped down and joined me. That was my first, and my education in what women looked like and enjoyed. I would not trade the experience for anything, it was good and loving.

  • You are so lucky! My mom was 15 when she had me, she got kicked out of my grandparents’ so we’ve lived with countless of her boyfriends over the years! (I don’t even know who my real dad is) I have a very clear memory of being in my moms bed when I was about 8. I don’t remember how I got there, or how long I was there, or how I got back in my own bed, but I specifically remember mom sucklng my d***, and I remember her making me Llck her pvssy! Her boyfriend was telling her what to make me do! Then the next thing I know I woke up, in my own bed. I’ve often wondered if I dreamed it, but at that age I had never had any sexual thoughts, let alone thoughts or dreams about my own mom! Also, I had never even touched myself before that night, but after it happened I began mastverbating every day! I’m 18, and my mom is only 33, and while she is not very good looking, and she’s a bit overweight, there is nobody I want to fvck more than my mom! It’s like a need that can only be relieved by fvcking her! Do you have any ideas of. How i can get my mom to fvck me? Please help! Dude, I truly envy you!

  • Nice dream

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