Rough S**

I think I'm into BDSM, but more of me dominating the woman. I'm turning 45 soon and lately i've been looking at p*** but the BDSM stuff,rough,domination is more exciting now. I can't get off on just normal male and female s**. It has to be wild with alot of degradation. Hair pulling,choking,spitting in a womans mouth. This is something I'm craving to do with the right woman that gives me full consent. Which I'm feeling might be sooner than expected. I totally understand 50 shades of gray. There's some women that want that but with the guy that is totally f****** hot in their eyes. I'm that guy for a few that are feeling me!! I have never been afraid of a womans true sexual nature and I've seen it first hand experiance. They won't admit it out in the public but women want rough dominating masculine hot and explosive f****** that leads to an o*****. "I just want to bust my nuts in a b****** mouth down her throat" while she gags on it. And I'm smoking a joint for relaxtion.

Jul 20

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