Violent Criminal Rapist George Floyd Got what HE DESERVED

And God showed exactly what God thinks about him in sending a lightening bolt down to destroy his mural! Put that in your pipe and smoke it you dumbass MIllidiots. Oh yeah and Karens are hot AF SJWs are not-they all look like Chelseas-Chelsea Clinton homely fug girld who are so jealous of Genx hotties. See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya! If I am a "Karen" YOU are a Moron! Laren equals Intelligent beautiful, logical woman who takes no B.S> from dumbass entitled fugly black females. Yeah, honey we are smart and beautiful and you are ugly and stupid as f*** thinking you're oppressed. What are YOU going to do about it-you represent 12 percent of the population are you too stuupid to comprehend what 12 percent of 100 looks like dumbasses? 88 percent of America HATE Syou! You think all this special treatment is going to last forever. Affoirmative action is going to end. We are angry and coming for you. YOU BETTER RUN!

3 days

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