I F****** Hate Loud People

People are always talking about how quiet people can't be trusted or are scary. Honestly, loud people are the ones who can't be trusted.

They're like tiny dogs who bark constantly, looking for attention. Those tiny dogs you never know when they're going to pipe up. Unpredictable annoying little s****. Can't trust them to behave properly, anywhere.

Quiet people are like those big dogs. They know they're powerful, don't need to make up all that dumb noise. Only bark when they need something or when something's up. You don't want to f*** with them, not because they're unpredictable but because you know exactly what will happen if you do. Respect there space and all is fine.

I prefer this. The quiet person keeps to themselves, respectful (especially as neighbours and roommates), and are generally and genuinely there when you need them. Living with loud people (loud talkers or laughers, extroverts, or people who just don't know about personal space) is a nightmare. The loud, outgoing, "I have lots of friends" group cannot be trusted. Too fake. Never anything important to say. Too annoying and just plain dumb.

Look at some of the most genuinely peaceful or happiest countries in each continent. What do they have in common: a population with a high number of quiet or introverted people. Often where most of the population of that country identify as introverted (though not always the case).

Bad day. Too many loud and inconsiderate obnoxious types out and about since lockdown easing. I'm neither loud nor quiet. Fall somewhere in between. Needed to vent. Thanx.

Jul 21, 2021

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  • What's worse is now that it's summer loud people are f****** everywhere. Just being loud. Needing to socialize like a bunch of f****** toddlers who can't be without their people pacifiers. Desperate to be seen and heard.

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