Struggles of having a small d***

I have a beard, flat chest w/ no scars, bit of muscle, ton of tattoos, and my voice is very deep, even for a guy. Ladies flirt and call me sexy, but usually lose interest when they find out I can't penetrate w/o a strapon. Bc I'm an AFAB man, I'm an inadequate s** partner in their eyes (thank God I prefer bottoming right?) Lotsa AMAB men w/ small ones often get the same treatment and we're no different, buddy. Society's weirdly obsessed with big d****. Don't get me wrong I'm not upset by it. Just vexed. :/

(Cue the inbred snowflakes in the comments)

Jul 25, 2021

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  • Yeah, sorry to tell you this…but you’ve ruined your life. You had your real genitals removed and replaced with fake ones that were made from the mutilated remains of your real ones. Now you can never be a woman again, nor can you ever be a real man. LOL you call yourself a man but can’t penetrate without a strapon? Hahaha you should have just become a lesbian or something but now there’s no going back. Do like the rest of the trannies and kill yourself.

  • Hahaha must be s*** to be you

  • I've been with a few men's girlfriends because of this. They either send them my way or they end up cheating on their men with me.

  • Are you a tranny or just a reg dude with a small c***?

  • I'm inbred, and as a pinkoid pig, i want you to suck my d*** and f*** my wife

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