Struggles of having a small d***

I have a beard, flat chest w/ no scars, bit of muscle, ton of tattoos, and my voice is very deep, even for a guy. Ladies flirt and call me sexy, but usually lose interest when they find out I can't penetrate w/o a strapon. Bc I'm an AFAB man, I'm an inadequate s** partner in their eyes (thank God I prefer bottoming right?) Lotsa AMAB men w/ small ones often get the same treatment and we're no different, buddy. Society's weirdly obsessed with big d****. Don't get me wrong I'm not upset by it. Just vexed. :/

(Cue the inbred snowflakes in the comments)

Jul 25

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  • Hahaha must be s*** to be you

  • I've been with a few men's girlfriends because of this. They either send them my way or they end up cheating on their men with me.

  • Are you a tranny or just a reg dude with a small c***?

  • I'm inbred, and as a pinkoid pig, i want you to suck my d*** and f*** my wife

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