Obsessive mum made my teenage years h***

When I was a teenage boy back in the early eighties, my mum would forever be on at me about my weight. I wasn't hugely overweight, but she had an obsession about it. She herself was always on some diet or other. Anyway, one day we were getting ready to go to a family wedding. She looked at me in my suit, shook her head and disappeared upstairs, returning a few minutes later carrying one of her panty corselettes. I refused to put it on, she yelled at me, my dad just told me to hurry up as we were running late and so, crying with embarrassment, I undressed, stepped into this horrible thing, she tugged it on to me, told me to pull in my belly, hooked up all the clasps running up the front and pulled up the zip. I had to put on a white t-shirt to cover the bra cups, and the dressed again. She had to fasten my shoes as I couldn't get down to do it myself. My sister was crying with laughter as she pointed out you could still see the bra straps, but I was just told to keep my jacket on. So off we went to the car, with me walking stiffly in my all-in-one girdle and my sister still giggling. I struggled into the back seat, gasping as I say down and triggering a lecture about what would happen if I didn't stop my nonsense right now. I spent the day firmly girdled, ashamed, uncomfortable and terrified of being caught.

That corselette became my own personal foundation garment She adjusted it to reduce the size of the bra cups, and I was told that I'd have to wear it as long as I needed it, and as soon as I lost weight it could be put away. And from that day on in any family outing - from the formal like a wedding to something as trivial as a trip to the cinema, I had to have my damn girdle on before I was allowed to leave the house.

Jul 31

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  • Wow! You mom couldn't buy a mens girdle after the wedding? If your mom was always on a diet why did she have a corselette and why did it also fit you? She would have to be the same size as you and she would have no right to fat shame you!
    Are now you going to tell us that's how you started crossdressing?

  • When I was that age, we were roughly the same size (unluckily for me). She had the thing as, despite her obsession, her own weight would go up and down. I guess she never bought me a men's one as perhaps they weren't so readily available back then (I don't honestly know if that's true) or, more likely, she thought the humiliation would encourage me to lose a few pounds. When I did outgrow it, she got me the same thing again in the next size up. I remember the first time I wore the new one. The old one had lost its edge as it were, while the new one was good and firm. After a couple of hours I just about wanted to scream! That was a looooong day.

  • First man girdles where made in the 18 century and second they made braless girdles and still do for woman today. Why did she not get one of those for you? What about your father I would have stopped my wife for doing that. Be honest it is a crossdressing story! It is ok crossdressing today ain't nothing. Nobody cares if people crossdress today.

  • Here's a picture of it (the one on the right).


    Can you imagine what it felt like as a teenage boy to have to wear that?

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