Am I the a****** here?

[Venting about family matters, incoming]

We live in a very unsafe neighborhood. Gun shots in the middle of the night and heroin needles in the street, type of unsafe. My sister thinks she can walk alone in the city and nothing will happen to her. "If someone wants me dead, it won't matter if I'm with you or if I'm alone", are her exact words.

She actually accused me of being upset that she wasn't chained to the house just because I'm more of a homebody. Every time I tell her I'm worried for her safety, she shrugs it off and tells me something stupid like "oH I cArRy a KnIfe, nObOdy'S gOnNa pUlL a FaSt OnE oN mE". All still ignoring the fact that it would be safer if she just ubered or waited for our mom to come home to give her a ride.

The worst part about this is that my mom allows this to happen. She will tell ME how dangerous it is to walk anywhere alone, but with my sister, she tells her to not talk to strangers and to have fun. Am I the only one here who has a sliver of common sense? I'm the younger sister for f***'s sake... Just thinking about this really irks me.

Aug 3, 2021

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  • She is going to get her little ass and p**** stretched so hard and then she will finely listen to you once this happens. Likely though she will get beaten to a pulp afterwards and end up in a ditch somewhere.

  • Her knife is no match for a gun. When she gets raped then maybe she will learn if she survives it.

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