A Response: Yes, Incest Is "Bad" and You Know It

A better word for it is disgusting. A lot of people on here create fake stories to share their incest fantasies, but here's a piece of the truth. Mostly dudes are into that. I've met maybe three women in my entire life who are into f****** their family members, and even then, they never actually did it. They only roleplay it.

So when I see so many people say s*** like "omg I have the hots for my daughter and took her virginity", "I was raised on incest and my mom sucked my d***", "I f***** my family member and I liked it uwu", and "my gf wants to f*** her stepdad, and I'm considering allowing it" - I KNOW THEY ARE FAKE LOL. I'm pretty sure everyone else does to. But because I saw someone post a confession asking why its considered such a bad thing, let's go into detail. Because you asked :)

1. You're f****** up your gene pool.
What happens when someone of the same family have a baby together? Incest kids. Missing fingers and toes, clubbed legs, disabilities, f*** - the kid might come out looking like Shrek. And its all because you wanted to do an Alabama. Happy parenting.

2. Even if you don't want kids, it is messy business.
Incest does a lot more damage than people think. Incest is usually linked to mental illness - if not right away, then later down the road. Substance abuse, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, intimacy and relationship problems, and more. You might not be affected, but whose to say your family member isn't? And if you're gonna say you don't give a s***, then I genuinely advise you seek therapy for your trauma, because I'm willing to bet you have LOADS of it.

3. You did not "turn out just fine" if you experienced incest in childhood.
If you defend incest and say you turned out normal, I hate to break it to you...but you didn't. Obviously, because you were groomed into thinking it was fine, and still do to this day. I don't think a single person alive actually thinks like this. I think people say this for attention. But I'm still going to include this anyway.

4. Your entire family isn't attractive.
You know how I know all of these incest stories are fake? Because everyone is painted as hot, sexy, and experienced. For those who are into incest: I bet half of your fantasies are being dicked down by your sister or your mother. Okay, if you see nothing wrong with incest, then f*** your grandmother. Not your young attractive aunt. Your wrinkly. Old. 70+ year old. Grandmother. If you said "ew, f*** no" or "she's not my type" then congrats. You've experienced how it is for normal people to look at any one of their family members in a sexual light. If you're still into that, go to therapy. Please, you are legitimately gross.

5. It won't work in the real world.
You can't get married. You can't have kids (for reasons we discussed before). You can't have normal relationships with strangers. Everything is a secret, especially if you are the parent in the situation. So wtf even bother? You would have to go somewhere off the grid and live your life in solitude just to have a decent life. If you want to do that and live without friends, plumbing, or good paying jobs...why?? F****** WHY?

6. If you're into f****** your underage daughter or step-daughter...
You're a pedophile. And that's a whole 'nother topic. Even if an underage person says "Yes", that is not a green light. They cannot give consent, so there is absolutely no excuse. She didn't seduce you because she doesn't know what seducing is. If she's a teenager, saying "oh she'll be 18 in a few months" DOESN'T COUNT IN COURT, D******. She did not trick you because she looks older than she is - and saying that make up contributes to how children look like adults doesn't help your case. You could have asked proof of her age. You didn't because you like the idea of defiling kids. You deserve to be castrated, imprisoned, and beaten every day until near death...and many would say that's still too nice.

In the end, 99% of the stories on here are fake, incest or not. This site has been full of attention seekers and fetishists for a long time. People know what to say to get people mad, and they enjoy stirring the pot because they find it funny. But if I ever see someone like this in person- someone who genuinely supports incest and/or pedophilia - I'm going to jail for assault with a smile on my face. So f*** you all and goodnight.

Aug 3, 2021

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  • One night after a party I found my aunt drunk on her bed and I lifted up her dress and touched her p**** covered in discharge. Ever since then I would steal her dirty panties amd m********* to the thought of her being pasted out drunk

  • Yes, it’s obvious that the majority of the incest “stories” on this site are just that… stories! But to make broad, sweeping statements about it based on your bad experience is very narrow-minded. Also, you are a bigot and a snob! Who do you think you are, referring to something most ppl look down on as “an ALABAMA?”! My 1st cousin and I began “Playing Doctor” when we were both 7, and due to the physical feeling, we played it as much and as often as we could. After about 5 years of playing the “game” we were 12 and she got her period, she was embarrassed about her body and we did nothing for 2 yrs, then out of nowhere, she surprised me with a BJ on my 15th birthday! That lead to us, loosing our virginity to eachother after just two months of being back together! We were boyfriend and girlfriend, and we just hung out w/ friends AS bf/gf. After a year of being together, we were caught kissing near a local shopping centre by a family member! It was bad, and we were separated, with my aunt moving 300 miles away. We were forced to move on, and eventually both married other people. She moved to America for work, and married an American. But within 3 yrs we were also both divorced! I kept appraised of her life online, and when I was 28 I messaged her to let her know I would be in Miami on business, and asked if she’d like to meet for lunch or maybe dinner. As soon as we met at the restaurant, we immediately realized that ALL the feelings were still there, and restarted our relationship! A year later, I moved to Miami and eventually asked her to marry me! We’ve been married now for 23 years! Neither of us wanted children anyway, so w/ kids off the table our family began to accept our choice! Most of my friends know she’s my cousin, and they have ALL shared stories about their own experiences with a cousin, sister, or step sister. It’s way more common than people seem to realize, it’s just not something ppl choose to share for fear of judgment by people like you!

  • 💯go off sis!!!

  • Tell that to my hot teen daughter who just came all over my c***!
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA!!!!!! 😂

  • Thank you for writing that. You are right they are fake. In the real world 97% of incest is an adult with a severely underaged child.
    These sickFUCKS watch fake incest p*** and make up the same fake stories based on them. And Before You dumbFUCKS say it. P*** sites will post anything to attract you to their sites, give you free teaser videos in hope you will pay for the better ones.

  • My Mom and I started having a sexual relationship when I was 16. This continued for almost twenty years... After I was married and had children, Mom and I still got together from time to time. Imagine my surprise when I found out I had ben abused.....LMAO.

  • Well I'm 49 years old. My husband died 2 years ago and my son's wife died of covid last year. Now me and him travel in a RV we have found ways to keep each other happy without anyone else. And he is not the biggest d*** I had but it feels amazing knowing it's my son. That's a true story for you

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