Greedy ho hos

The lead singer of the band Living Dead Girl is addicted to prescription pills and opiates. She's so addicted that even though she has a succesful music and modeling career, she has a bait onlyfans where she charges you 10 dollars upfront and then once you've already paid tries and charges you EXTRA for the good nudes. This stupid b**** tried to charge 50 dollar for 1 naked picture, all because she needs her dope fix(why else would a b**** be so f****** greedy for nudes that arent even pornographic?). Talk about a dopefiend. Ladies, none of your vanilla ass nudes with no sexual activity going on are worth 50 dollars a piece, even if you're a f****** 10. S***, you could post a picture of your gaping p**** with a d**** inside and your face in it and its worth AT MOST 15 dollars. P**** vids or gtfo.

Aug 6, 2021

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