Landlady becomes a s***

My wife and I manage property including several apartments. she has an office at one of the complexes that she works out of by herself while I handle all maintenance issues.
She loves wearing skirts with stockings and lacy panties, often wearing no panties at all , she likes to let the male tenants and sometimes female tenants see up her skirt as she works at her desk often turning her office chair to face them as they sit across from her positioning her legs so that get a great look. I always knew that sooner or later one of the tenants would take it a step further with her and I wondered what her response would be...
There was a tenant named Ken who used to visit the office regularly and sit with her and have a coffee and chat , she used to tell me how she would tease him letting her get very good looks at her c*** under her skirt and how this would get her so wet that after he left the office she would lock her door and use the vibrator she kept in her desk drawer to get off .
It was on a Friday afternoon when she came home and walked in the house looking very flushed with her blouse all unbuttoned with her ample t*** exposed and her hair mussed up I asked her what is going on as stood before her and put a hand under her skirt to find her bare soaking c*** ...
It was then she told me that Ken had come to the office and asked her if she would come to his apartment and help him with a problem he was having with his computer, so being a slow rainy day she said sure , so she went with him and didnt take her long to solve a little log on problem she asked him if there was anything else and as she stood to leave he told her he would really like a little of what he keeps seeing in her office....much to his surprise she looked at him and said then go for it !! with that she told me he unbuttoned her blouse , lifted her t*** from her lacy bra cups and began sucking her t*** while sliding a finger past her panties and into her waiting lips bringing her to an instant o***** , on wobbly legs she then sat on the edge of the sofa when he removed her lacy yellow panties and laid her back she opened her nylon covered legs wide and he started licking her c*** sucking on her c*** driving her to yet another o***** at this point he had removed his pants and he climbed on shoving his c*** into her waiting c*** and began f****** her hard ....quickly he came deep inside her c*** as her lips furiously clutched at his c***.....
It was then that she told him he could keep her panties as a trophy for bagging his landlady and she removed her lacy bra and said to keep it as well to remind him of what had happened....thats when she got up, left the apartment and came home bringing a c*** full of dripping c** as proof of what had taken place...she was so worked up we quickly went to the bed and f***** while she told me the story again bringing her to her 4th o***** of the day.....she was quite pleased with herself becoming a s*** ....and I knew that this would not be her last !!

Aug 14, 2021

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