Being an male escort (4 males)...

Being a male escort isn't exactly what you think. I am a totally straight, 24 year old male. I tend bar at a chain restaurant.
All my life people that don't know me have assumed i am gay. I am smaller guy, 5-6 and 140lbs. I have a girlish build, I guess you would call it, with a nice ass and legs. Not to brag but I am also very attractive. Even though people assumed I am gay, I am NOT. I am totally straight and have no interest in men sexually. But...
One night I was working bar. It was slow with only a couple of people to look after, so I picked up a couple of tables to make some extra money. One guy chatted me up. At first I thought he was hitting on me because he commented on my looks. Then he asked if I would ever consider modeling. We talked for a bit and he said I could make some really good money if I would "go the extra mile". He gave me a card with the name of a "model/escort" business and said he ran it. As he was finishing up I actually got up enough nerve to ask "how much money"? He asked for the card back and wrote something on the back then gave it back to me. As he walked out he said "hope to see you tonight". I looked on the back of the card. It had the name of a local hotel, room number with $300 written down. When i got off work I went to the hotel and knocked on the door. He seemed surprised I showed up. We talked and basically he said I would be having s** with men for money. I questioned the legal issues and said I didn't want to get arrested. He explained everything is booked and paid for through the business and I would never touch or accept money directly. He said $300 per is the bottom rate for simple s** and if someone wanted something special there would be more.
He then took out $300 from his pocket and put it on the table. He told me he would like to take some photos and get an idea of how I would perform. I undressed and he took the photos. He then undressed and I got on my knees and took his c*** in my mouth. It was the first c*** I ever sucked. After he was hard we moved to the bed. He took some lube and a small toy and began playing in my a**. It was the strangest feeling ever! After he loosened me up he f***** my ass. Afterwards he told me I needed to practice and better my oral skills, other than that I am perfect. We arranged a contact method.
Since that night I have worked as a male escort servicing older men. I make $300-$500 a client depending on the time. Like I said I have no real attraction to men, it is simply a s** act. Yes there are times when my body's physical responses to sexual stimulation gives me pleasure. I often get hard while being f***** and many men want to orally please me as well. The fact that I c** from that does not mean I necessarily enjoyed it. I have never been on a date or had s** with a man outside business. i usually take 2-3 appointments a week. In the past year I have had s** with maybe 50 men and I have several men that are regulars and ask for me by name.
The money I make is worth the secret life...

Aug 19, 2021

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  • Can i make money too

  • Whether you are gay or straight, yes you could earn money if you have the right look. A couple of terms for that look would be "twink" or "panty boy". Older men are very much into this and will pay good money for you time.

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