Catching my son sniffing my dirty panties

I have never been soo shocked and embarrassed in all my life.
I came home from work a little earlier than usual last Thursday and did not expect anyone home. I went straight up to my room and walked in expecting to get undressed and take a shower.
But OMG there laying on my bed was my totally naked 17 year old son masturbating his very hard c*** but what made it worse was that he had a pair of my dirty panties over his face taking deep sniffs and saying out loud. That's it Mummy rub your c*** over my face let me suck your hot wet c***. C** into your sons Mouth Mum. I screamed out loud, I felt sick and my son immediately started to cry and got up and ran into his room.
Then I just started to giggle and could not stop. Picturing my own son sniffing his Mums dirty panties while wanking.
I know he masturbates all the time, we all do it.
But I was soo shocked to actually catch him in the act.
I then thought back to a few months ago when I was doing the laundry and found all my dirty panties together on top rather than throughout the hamper. Also I noticed that a few pairs of my panties had really crispy dried crotch and thought did i do that. Then I realised a few days later after I found a pair of my pale blue lace boy shorts in the hamper with the gusset full up with fresh s**** and realised that my own son must be using them to j******* into but it never dawned on me that he maybe sniffing them as well.
I also keep catching him trying to look down my tops or up my skirt all the time just hormones I thought.
I then blushed and thought about all the times that I had masturbated myself through my panties and made them really sticky with my thick girl c** and wondered how many times had he sniffed and licked them whilst they were still wet and sticky or even still warm as I usually take a shower immediately after.
I found myself actually getting quite aroused at the thought and pictured my own sons hard c*** in his hand slowly wanking off over me.
Is this normal for teenage boys to sniff their own Mums dirty panties?
I had boyfriends in the past that used to get me to sit on their face in silky panties whilst I rub myself off on them while they sniffed and licked me through them.
I then phoned one of my girlfriends about it and she told me that her younger brother used to sniff her dirty panties every day when they were growing up and that she even caught her stepdad sniffing her dirty panties twice as well.
She said I think it is pretty normal she said. I then told her that I had caught my son sniffing a pair of my dirty panties, she giggled and said dirty little b*****. I dont blame him though you are a hot milf she said.

How many other Mums have caught their own sons sniffing their dirty panties while masturbating? Or how many Sons sniff their own Mums dirty panties while j********** and do they fantasise about their Mums while they do it? I would love to hear back from you all. I am still a little shocked.

Aug 20, 2021

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  • I have just literally 20 minutes ago caught my eldest son who is 24 masturbating his very hard p**** with a pair of my silk panties wrapped around his shaft and a pair of my dirty navy blue lace boy shorts, that I had been wearing all day yesterday over his head like a mask with my dirty crotch right over his nose and mouth taking really deep sniffs and licking and sucking on the gusset. MMMM Mum your p**** tastes so good c** into my mouth Mummy he said. I cant believe how shocked I was and still are. My own son sniffing and licking his own Mums dirty panties while jerking off.
    I know men love to sniff and lick a ladies p**** and believe me I know that I love to have it done. My husband still likes me to sit on his face while wearing sexy lingerie and get me to rub myself off over his nose and mouth while he takes deep sniffs all the time I am sucking him off. Then as we are both c****** he pulls my very wet panties to the side and slips his tongue or nose right inside my creamy p****. Just thinking that I bet my son has especially enjoyed those really cummy pairs even more.
    We have also had mutual masturbation sessions in front of each other where I start by rubbing myself through my panties talking dirty to him as he masturbates for me. He particularly like it when I tell him how wet my panties are getting. Then once I have c** into them I slip them off and watch him sniff and lick them in front of me while he wanks off. I bet my son also sniffs them the following morning in the bathroom.
    The idea has not aroused me but my son does have a very big c***. No wonder I can always hear his girlfriends cummimg. Me and his Dad have also had great s** while listening to our son f****** a few of his girlfriends and I always c** very quickly and many times. Should I make the pair of panties that i am really wet and sticky for him and leave them in the bathroom so he can taste Mummies fresh cream?
    Dirty panty sniffing pervs. Father like son.
    The i

  • I am the same I came out of the shower yesterday and dried myself off in my room as usual when I came to pick up my dirty undies my panties were missing and I could not find them anywhere. I just shrugged it off. I went into the hallway and did not realise my son was home and walked straight into his bedroom and got the shock of my life as there was my teen son laying naked on his back with his very hard c*** in his hand wanking furiously and talking dirty. Thats it Mum rub your c*** all over my face c** in your sons mouth Mummy. MMMM Mum your c*** smells and tastes so good.
    Then I realised that he had my dirty panties the ones that i could not find over his face and he was taking deep sniffs.
    Well OM F****** GOD I crept back out without him knowing that I had caught him. Numb and soo shocked beyond words.
    After reading lots of other posts on here realising that a lot of young boys do this regularly. I then thought about it and realised that over the last few years my dirty panties had been misplaced or moved and in different order in the laundry hamper. So it all makes sense now my son has been using his own Mothers dirty panties to get off. How many other Mums have found this or caught their son or family member using their dirty panties to get off?

  • Hi my names Carol and I have caught my son about a dozen times sniffing mine or his older sisters dirty panties while jerking off. At first I was shocked and slightly angry then curious as to why my teenage boy wanted to sniff his own Mums and sisters dirty panties. About 6 months ago when I caught him wanking off again while sniffing the crotch of a sexy lacy pair of mine that I had been wearing the day and evening before.
    He was taking deep sniffs and saying mmmm Mummy your p**** smells and tastes so good You like your son licking you out dont you. Then he whipped the crotch off his face and held it to his very hard c*** and wanked furiously until he started to s**** right into the crotch where my p**** had been.
    That's it Mummy take my s**** right into your c***.
    I realised that I was actually turned on watching him and was even more shocked when i rubbed my p**** through my panties and realised that they were actually quite wet.
    I went into the bathroom and furiously fingered myself until I creamed my panties.
    I then left them on top of the hamper and as soon as I came out my son went in there. I went back into the bathroom afterwards and all my creamy c** had been licked clean from my gusset.
    Since then I am ashamed to admit that I have masturbated loads of time fantasising that I am sitting on my own sons face while he licks me out making me c** all over his face. It will never happen but it does make my panties very wet. I am wet writing this as we speak. I hope he enjoys them.

  • I didnt realise panty sniffing was so common. I have recently caught my 19 year old son sniffing on a pair of my dirty panties for about the 5th time while he masturbated. I to was shocked at first but then found myself getting very aroused. I felt really guilty that I was getting wet while looking at my own sons hard c***. The crotch of my panties was soaking wet. I immediately went into the bathroom and finger f***** myself making myself c** 3 times right into the crotch. I then had a really dirty idea. I took my very cummy knickers off and took them straight into my sons room and gave them to him enjoy these son I said with a big smile. I then walked out and left him to it. Later that evening while we were sitting on the sofa I asked him did you enjoy Mummies present? Yes I did Mum. Since then I have given my son my dirty warm panties to sniff every day. I am thinking about sitting on my sons face while he jerks off so that he can really smell his Mums p****. What do you think?

  • That is so hot you should definitely sit on your sons face in a pair of silky panties so that you can face f*** him through them and just as you are about to c** pull them to the side and tell him to either tongue f*** you or to slip his nose right inside your p**** so that you can f*** his nose while he takes deep sniffs and his nose fills up with his own Mums creamy c**. Dont forget to talk dirty to him as well. Telling him how wet your p**** is becoming and you want to c** all over his face.
    I have been sniffing my own Mums dirty panties for years. I love the musky smell of her p**** and the tangy taste of her juices. I would love it if my Mum would catch me sniffing a pair of her dirty panties while wanking and then she forces me to lick and suck her c*** making her c** many times. mmmmm Mummy c** soo tasty. x

  • When I was 17 I used to sniff my mum`s dirty knickers almost every day while wanking and fantasising about f****** her. Mum was 50 hen I was 17.
    I knew sniffing her f**** smell from her knickers and collecting her pubes was the closest I`d ever get to f****** my mum`s hairy f**** that I saw frequently by spying on her as she undressed for bed .
    I`d sniff her bra too and suck on her pubes as I imagined what she might say as I f***** her. Mum regularly moved her underwear from her dressing gown pocket , to under her pillow when it was dirty , but I l ways found it if I wanted to w*** over her.
    I`ll always remember the first time I watched her undress and saw her bushy f**** for the first time and noting that while her head hair was brunette, the hair on her f**** was jet black.

  • Did your mom ever found out about it?

  • Yes. One night while concentrating on watching mum undress intent on seeing mum naked again, I was standing outside her bedroom , spying through the keyhole in the door, trousers round my knees with my c*** in my hand waiting for her to drop her knickers .
    i must have coughed or something without realising , and was so intent on watching mum undressing that I didn`t notice her approaching her bedroom door.
    Suddenly the door opened and my mum was standing there completely naked looking at me with my c*** in one hand and her dirty knickers round my face.
    Mum said "What are you... OK , I can see what your doing ."
    She stood up straight and said
    " Go on then , have a good look at me and carry on playing with yourself while I watch you. " I was rock hard.
    I stared at my mum`s f**** and wanked as hard as I could for less than a minute before I exploded in my hand.
    Mum smiled and went back to her room. I went to bed and wanked all night sniffing her knickers.
    From that night on if mum caught me looing at her in anyway , she`d just smile and say " OK son, I know what your thinking."
    From that day I continued to spy on mum and wanking with her dirty knickers . Mum knew ,but we didn`t discuss the subject.

  • Do you have sisters? and how often does she see you naked?

  • The smell is amazing.. still do today

  • F****** my mum was my best experience ever .
    There nothing like a mature lady with a properly hairy c***.

  • I'm a mom of a boy and I caught him masturbating to my dirty panties just like you did. When my son wanted to run of like yours did I caught him and said that we need to talk about this. He was 14 back then and I have noticed him staring at my breast or butts so I decided I have to have a talk with him and now was the best moment. He was naked and I asked him to sit down with me. He was ashamed but I told him he has no reason to be ashamed in front of his mother. We talked about the female body the girls in his class and his interest in both.

  • How did the talk go?

  • My son was quite ashamed and tried to cover his genitals but I told him to keep his hands off them. I told him that it makes me sad that he was ashamed and I told him that he would spend more time naked in front of his mama from now on. He obviously didn't liked that idea. I talked to him about vaginal discharge and showed it to him on my panties. I told him that I have no problem with him masturbating to my dirty panties and that I will borrow them to him before they get into laundry so he can stroke his d***. I told him that I won't shame him for who he is and that we will have some nice mother son time coming up.

  • Two things you could try ; 1 , you might suggest to your son that he gets out more . 2 , you might try not wearing panties for a trial period of say 6 months . Let me know if you decide to go with either option , please .

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