I watched my brother f*** our cousin

Our cousin is 14 and is well known as a s*** she would have s** with anyone we was hanging out at her place when she told me she's messaged my brother who is 25 to come round I asked her why and she said she was going to f*** him 5 minutes after he turned up she just came out with it asked him could she suck his d*** he didn't think she was serious until she kneeled down in front of him trying to unbutton his jeans he looks over to me and i just sat there and he took that as me giving the go ahead she was about to pull down his jeans when he said we should really take it upstairs them two was about to leave the room when my cousin asked if i was coming up followed by my brother saying yeah sis it will be fun i sat on the bed right next to her and watched her give my brother a b****** he told her not to move and came all over her face her face was covered in it and she was asking for some tissues as she couldn't open her eyes then he said no he wasn't done with her yet and got her to lay back and he kneeled down between her legs and started f****** her hard making her yelp out he was f****** her that hard he was knocking the air out of her she was bouncing around on the bed her small b**** was shaking he didn't let up for around 15 minutes then let out a loud groan and slowly everything stopped shaking and he got off her and you could see loads of c** pouring out of her i didn't tell him that i loved everything second of it

Aug 21, 2021

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