Stupid ass step daughter

So, two years ago my gfs nearly 25 year old daughter lost her job… but let me clear this up. She worked for her father, who owns his own road construction company. She would do things such as flagging, driving rock trucks and grading etc.etc. Well she decided her self entitled ass was “to good for this work” and “she could do better on her own”. Since last October she hasn’t worked a day. So in her “genius” mind she went and took a $500 course on how to do lashes. Then she spent another $350-400 on a massage table as it made it easier to do people’s lashes while they were laying down. Now she’s over $1000 in the hole, so she loses her apartment because she couldn’t afford rent, has to move back in with us (into a tiny apartment my gf made for her in the garage). She has no want or drive to get a real job, and now sits in the garage all day smoking pot (which I don’t care about, except she uses mine instead of buying her own), leaves dishes everywhere around the house and yard, and expects me or her mother to clean up after her, has started leaving notes around the house telling us how she “wants things done”, has people here all hours of the night and day, doesn’t clean up after her dog, is literally the most useless human I have ever met, and I fear if I have to put up with her s*** much longer, I’m going to be the one leaving.
She is honestly useless and I have zero time for her in anyway, shape or form. Anytime I say anything to my gf about it, she blows it off because she doesn’t want to upset her kid, so I suffer in anger and silence to appease her. But I have a feeling this isn’t going to last much longer. As I truly believe I’ll leave her before her useless pice of garbage of a human daughter ever does anything to change her ways! Any advice on how to handle this s*** would be much appreciated!

Aug 21

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