Rape and kidnapping

I wanna be kidnapped and raped by a male and it's not a fantasy it's the truth and I'm not bad or evil because of that I'm just weird and think differently I want to be desired by a male and I've always wanted male attention I never got female's always complain they get male attention and I'm a female that doesn't

Aug 24, 2021

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  • I wish i knew what you look like. I want, no, need to have s** soon and i more and more just wanna rape some random girl and get away before she can see me.

  • I'd love to oblige you if I could. If you have this desire, though, eventually a man is going to sniff it out and rape you. Don't report him if you're being truthful here! You sound a little young - if you're over 13, I'd start carrying around a condom or two (you can steal 'em from walmart easy) so that when someone inevitably picks you up and takes you somewhere to rape you, you can have him rubber up so he doesn't get you pregnant or give you a disease.

    - sincerely, one woman with a rape fetish to another

  • I tied my gf to the bed and have s** with her. She said it felt like rape. I liked it because she couldn't do anything about it.

  • My wife and I have had three some’s and I have watched my wife let guys hit on her and when she found the right guy, bring him home and let him f*** her brains out.
    I too would tie my wife to our bed, blind fold her and tease her with tonite could be the nite that I’m going to watch you get it good. She would always answer me with “SURE” ? Never a No don’t you dare or a Yes from her either. Well I decided to let a few of our married male friends have my wife while tied to our bed as we knew from past experiences married guys most likely were not going to get her pregnant. Not that they haven’t in the past. The first guy stood next to our bed and unbuttoned her blouse feeling her up then unzipped his pants. This didn’t seem to bother her at all so I gave him the okay to put his c*** up to her face and she didn’t hesitate at all as he did Her Face. Our second friend took his pants off and sat down on her chest then shoved his c*** into her mouth and we watched as he pumped her mouth full. Saving the best for last the guys untied my wife’s ankles, and our third friend climbed up between her legs shoving his big c***into her wet p” THATS WHEN MY WIFE SPOKE UP ASKING HIM “What Are You Doing Here”?
    My wife didn’t wait for his answer as she just wrapped her legs around him as us guys watched him pound her good holding his c*** as far up in her as he could and then got his rocks off deep inside of her !
    None of us expected him to take his c**soaked c*** from her p**** and then sit on her chest and shove it down her t*** ** By the nites end all three guys had her face and her p**** THEN I ASKED MY WIFE IF SHE WAS WANTING TO KNOW WHO THE OTHER TWO GUYS WERE? HER ANSWER TO ME WAS . . NO . . MAYBE NEXT TIME ? ? ?

  • One of the nice things about having a good Christian wife is that I get s** whenever I want it. Reinforced early in the marriage when we were visiting her parents and her mom asked how married life was going. We had not had s** before marriage and her mom asked right out front if she was making sure I was getting plenty of s** and my wife said she'd been getting really tired from work and that I had not been getting much of it. Her mother said you should always put your husband first. Never deny him. S** is one of the sacrifices we make to show our love. Since then, I just say I would like s** and she lies back and I have s** with her.

  • So how do we connect?

  • I don't know if you're talking to me or not but my parents banned me from talking to strangers on stuff: (

  • I want to rape as well fed up of s**

  • Yes

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