Having s** in the woods

Before the school holidays my nephew was always around my house and for 5 weeks i haven't seen him or my sister so i arranged to go visit her and my nephew met me at the bus stop.I went in the shop and could see him having a glance at the dirty magazines and as i was being served i brought two packs of condoms and as we took a short cut through the woods i gave them to him he got embarrassed and went to walk off and i grabbed his hand and asked him to tell me what is wrong and he told me he's a virgin and never even touched a t** before and i put his hand in my breast and said now you have and looked down and touched his hard d*** and said now your d*** has been touched he now had both hands playing with my b****** and it was starting to fill good my nipples got hard and got lost in the moment taking him to a clearing and told him he better not tell anyone told him to hurry and put a condom on ive never seen anyone drop there shorts that fast before and before i even layed on the ground he had the condom on and was ready it was going good then the disappointment he grunted and was e********** i looked at his still hard c*** as he pulled off the condom filled with c** and said he's still hard so you're not finished so get back in,I'm a 35 year old woman on the dirty ground with a 15 year old boy between her legs old enough to be his mother having a time of his life.

Aug 31

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  • Nice one! I would love to read more about you fvcking your beautiful nephew! I can definitely understand how you feel, my oldest sister’s best friend has a 15 y/o boy, and although I’m not 32, (I’m 19) he is still jailbait here in the US. But he is one of the most gorgeous, handsome, s3xy guys I’ve ever seen! I know that when he turns 16, it will be 100% legal where I live, and I want to make a move at that time, because he is so shy, I don’t think he would ever ask me out. (Even though I have caught him stealing glances when I’m not looking so I know he likes me) But, I’ve only ever been w/ one guy and he asked me out on our first date, so I don’t know HOW to ask him out! So you can see how your lucky actions enable me to live vicariously through you, and also get some sweet Jilling-off material too.

  • Did he sit on top of you

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