We can't stop having s**

My cousin daisy when she was 12 she went on school camp and the rumors started that she had s** with 3 boys that week and it didn't stop more and more lads said they had s** with her i think she liked everyone hitting on her she's a year below me at school but you wouldn't think it by looking at her she's 13 and with her big t*** she looks a lot older she has bigger t*** than her mum we started hanging out more and she knew im shy around girls and she asked have i kissed a girl which i told her no and she offered to practice with me i was to focused on getting it right and didn't realize my d*** was hard and was showing and she was happy to point out that she made me h**** as we got back to kissing her hand went down on my d*** and she said to just go with it and she ended up jerking me off and making me c** in my shorts which wasn't a nice feeling having to walk home next day i was with her i thought it would be us kissing and her maybe touching my d*** but i was wrong she starts taking her clothes off and i asked what was she doing that for and that's when she said we're going to have s** but i can't last longer than a minute

Sep 2

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  • How did it feel loosing your virginity to someone that has been f***** by many guys?

  • Add my instagram, I can talk you through it: dustin_daniels_18

  • You’re a pedophile.

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