Wife Controls S**

Got married. Wedding night s** was her on her back and me on top.

Not long into marriage and my wife said she thought the man on top was symbolic of male dominance. She wanted equality. She suggested we have s** on our side. That was really frustrating. The compromise was I would come in from on top, her on her back. Then as soon as we were in, we would roll over so she was on top. She wanted us to o***** together. The problem was I would c** quickly and go soft and she would not get to o*****. So we practiced me holding off until she came and then I would c**. Problem then was by the time she'd c** I had been holding off so long I would be unable to c**. So we kind of accepted this and would 'schedule' s** it would be s** for her a few times and then s** for me. Always though with her on top. It's weird when I am with my male friends and they joke about s** or complain about their marriage and I think I am neither

Sep 6

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