I let my dad slap my ass

My dad started slapping and grabbing my ass recently. It was funny at first and was kinda a shock. But he kept trying it and I kinda just let him. Every time he does it he holds on like a bit longer. I think my bf saw to and now hes mad. Wanted to post about it cos I haven't told anyone.

Sep 15, 2021

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  • The fact that you thought it was fun indicates that you want things to go further.

  • Of course its obvious what your dad is up to he is making your boyfriend jealous its competition, i know from experience two c**** are better than one

  • Some daughters fancy there dad most of the time they grow out of it but some dont and taboo happens

  • That should stop from him doing that unless thats what you want i dunno? but tell yoiur mother should stop if you open up and tell.

  • Tell your mother about it. dont hide him.

  • I shouldn't have worn my short skirt but i did because my dad asked me to when mum went out, i use to wear ordinary knickers but i was feeling naughty and very h**** and put on a thong that showed my bare bottom from behind,
    I know i shouldn't have because i knew what would happen when dad saw my bottom i know he is a bottom man, he has felt my bum many i know i shouldn't have let him grope me, but it went to far.

  • Nice

  • And I do enjoy it ....
    I am 13 and I do like this feeling.
    At home I wear only t-shirt and panties to make him easier to touch me wherever he wants.

  • Love u to come to my house i will touch u anywhere u want

  • And we’re dus he want to touch you. ?

  • Omg stop it. Walking around in ur knickers. And T-shirt. Hope u got a bra on.


  • My sister invites me over to to her house once a week to have a few drinks. One night we got really drunk and she told me that she has always wanted to be raped. I don't think much about it at the time. But later that week I keep thinking of having sexy with her. My sister is a bigger girl but is still sexy. So the next week I was over I keep thinking of how hot to f*** her as soon as she got her kids to bed she came back out with a drink. She sat down next to me. I called her sexy and kisses her neck she smiles thin said no brother it's not right. I grabbed her by the neck and push my tung in her mouth and the Uther hand down her pants. She was super wet she kept trying to push me off. I started ripping off her clothes as she begged me to stop once she was fully nude I forced her back on the couch and forced my d*** deep in my sister tight little pussey she was so tight like we was made to fit together I f***** her as hard as I could she was crying and try to get away. Soon I new I would be c****** so I started getting ready to pull out. She looks me in the eye and said if u pull out I will tell everyone what u did to me. Think about getting my sister pregnant made me so h**** for her I put my hands around my sister neck and held tight her face was bright read as I could feel my sister squirts around my d*** I couldn't take any more I pump the biggest lode of my life in my sisters pussey. We had s** over and over all night. She is pregnant with my baby now and I rap her every night now

  • I use to be naughty because my dad would spank me, he only did it when mum was out, he made a feeble excuse, i use to go wet when when he told me lay over his knee the best was when he he pulled my pants down and took them off and pushed my legs apart, i could feel his hard c*** against me, there wasn't much spanking, after he massaged my bottom better

  • Its common dads feeling daughters a*** it depends if you like it or not i do

  • Lol I never felt my two daughters bums but did look at there friends cute little bums lol

  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i'd f*** them both if they were eighteen! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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