Church widow

I am from a poor family, mom is divorced and sometimes we have little to eat and that’s not healthy for a 17 year old boy. I sing in our church choir and because I have a clear voice I often have to sing solo.

That is why I go to the leader of our church choir on Sundays after church service and Wednesday afternoon. She is a widow of sixty-four, she’s a chubby woman, very friendly and also of good voice.

First I always get a good meal from her and then we practice for an hour. The widow then wants to rest for an hour, she takes a shower. I know what is expected of me and wait until she calls that the shower is free and disappears to her bedroom.

After I have a quick shower, I go to her bedroom where she lies naked with her big arms and big legs spread on her master bed. I know what is expected of me. I crawl onto her bed and start kissing and licking her whole big body, a tap of her on my head makes it clear to me that she wants me to pleasure her p**** with my tongue. I have since learned from her what she likes best and if she grasps my head with both hands I know that I have to lick extra fast on that special hard spot. She is quite noisy when she comes but then the fun starts for me. She pulls me on top of her big round belly and panting that I can do anything I want with her.

It is wonderful to slide inside her fat p****, the widow always holds me tightly, as if she’s afraid that I would leave and constantly shouts that I should not stop. Often, when I have finished, she wants to do it again and then she spoils me with her mouth. And when she is satisfied she thanks me and tells me to come and sleep next to her.

The widow then sleeps very quickly but never me. I play with her big t*** and feel her wet p****. I know that she likes that. Sometimes when she is awake again I can do a quicky with her and afterwards we freshen up and go practice for another hour. Then she makes some food that I can take home for me and mom.

It has been this way for a long time and I am very satisfied with it.

Sep 18

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