P****** in my jeans

I'm a 19 year old girl, and since I was a little girl, my parents, me, and my siblings, we never used the bathroom. We were brought up to p*** in our jeans (which I prefer) to p*** in the bed, on the carpet, on the capane ...
Of course we love her and we will never stop. If I want to pee, I don't hold it back and let it sink, that's also why we don't wear panties.
Or that I'm even at school I p*** on myself, and my girlfriends watch every time, but I don't care because I love her.
The house smells of pee but it doesn't bother us. Some of our friends approve of it and do the same with us. In my room, everything is always wet, the carpet, the bed, my desk ... I even p*** in my bag before going to school sometimes. When I was 14, we competed with my sister to find out who would have the wettest room in 1 week. I love my parents for raising me like her and I have no regrets and I would never stop.
Are other people in the same situation as me? Or would like?

Sep 19

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  • My wife loses all inhibitions about controlling her bladder when she gets drunk. She likes to drink and since we have friends over every friday night, she gets drunk regularly. Often she will keep right on drinking on Saturday. While she is fun when she's drunk, she just doesn't care to control her pee. She just pees--in her pants, on the bar stool, on the couch, sitting on a guy's lap, whatever. Last week she sprained her ankle, so for the party she was planted on the corner seat of the couch. I was bringing her margaritas and beers all night, yet she never got up in six hours. She was still seated when the guests had left, and passed out soon after they left. Her seat cushion was soaked in pee. It had even started soaking the carpet underneath her seat. That's my wife, yet I love her dearly.

  • I used to get the best O's right after I peed either on the sofa or in the bed, if it went that far, of this guy i met and ended up at his house. It usually was the last time he wanted to see me. But then I did it to this one guy who got turned on by me peeing on his sofa, and invited me over for another date. He had a fetish for women peeing in naughty places. He doesn't mind the smell, and often just replaces the sofa cushions (no, they don't match anymore). We've been together for a while now, and I suspect we might get married soon. It will be weird for me, tho, because I always only peed at some guys place, and let him deal with the smell. Now, if we get married, I will be living with it! But I refuse to stop peeing on furniture or in bed. The best is right after s ex, I just let it flow. Just feels soooo good.

  • I don't know if everything you say is totally true, but I both love peeing my jeans, cut-offs, or whatever I'm wearing. It started because I hate the sensation of a full bladder, and I trained myself to go pee earlier and earlier until eventually I really can't even hold it much anymore. So I usually just let it go. I got married to a guy with a pee fetish, so it has worked out real good for me. I'm 7 months preggo and honestly just don't even try to control my pee anymore now. So, I in a way really have become like you guys! I do wear diapers, when I go out cuz I pretty much just trickle all the time.

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