I love my wife's dirty panties

This is borderline excessive. It started with just some scents from her crotch, which then moved to her rear, in the panties she wore. Now I love when she doesn't wipe well, and I'm not just talking front. I also don't just sniff them anymore, I lick them, and I even suck on them. The more stained the better, without being excessive on the backend, I love a few brown streaks. The best is when we can have s** and I get my wife to come in them, and usually I also get to come inside her with the panties pulled aside. I even like the idea of licking them with the come of her's and mine mixing together in the cotton crotch.

Sep 27, 2021

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  • I go to used clothing store to buy used panties should try there i did

  • One day you may be lucky enough to find s**** odors after she gets home and not your s****!

  • Wow, she needs a new husband quick.

  • This isn’t a confession Sir, you’re just bragging! Also, it’s your wife… Don’t you get to smell and lick her p****, whenever you want? I’ve read so many posts w/ guys bragging about sniffing their family member’s panties! I just wish you guys understand how much of a betrayal it really is to do that to someone! For me, I always thought something was… idk, wrong with my laundry in the hamper! I just had this nagging feeling that something was off, as if it wasn’t like I left it. But at thirteen I had bigger issues, and ignored it. But every now and then I’d lift the lid, and there it was again! It was like someone did something with my clothes. If I had a sister, I would have thought she took something… But I didn’t, so I just thought I was going crazy! For a couple of years I ignored it, but at 15, I heard about guys sniffing panties! I didn’t immediately think about my hamper issue, but it wasn’t long after, that I noticed it again. Now I was sure, but I couldn’t prove it, so I began making sure that I always had some panties at the top, and I always knew EXACTLY how they were left, 3 inches below the back, and 3 inches from the right wall of my hamper! Two days was all it took, my panties weren’t even close to where I left them. What’s worse, is that they were soaked with cüm! I knew the smell. Guys can’t smell it, but we can’t mistake it, it smells like bleach! My dad was the only guy at home all day! My brothers both had football practice! When my mom got home I asked her to come to my room! They were still damp, I showed her and asked, “recognize the smell?” She smelled the c** too! “You know who”? She asked, “dad was the only one home today” I’m now 30, I still have never seen my dad since that morning when I kissed him goodbye! The level of betrayal, & violation of my trust… that pain never goes away. Now I spray my undies with perfume before I toss them in the hamper! It’s just a obsessive behavior that I cannot control, thanks to what my father did to me

  • Thanks for sharing. Most guys are normal and we find this type of behavior repulsive. Not the female body odours, but the idea of fetishizing other people's odours. Just f****** weird.

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