Wife sucks off strangers while I'm nearby

She's been sucking off strangers for the last 5 years. I'm usually close by, but I could see the motions one of the times she did it. Then the other time she snuck into other guys hotel room while I'm there. My mom saw her go in there. She confronted her, but I decided to let it go that time. Also saw her get out of a van with a guy when I was close. She said she was sleeping. Yeah, with the guy in the van. I need video evidence or I won't win the divorce that she doesn't know is coming soon.

Oct 9, 2021

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  • You say you were near where she's sucking those guys. If you're near & know what she's doing, what's stopping you from taking some videos & pictures? Same for her going into the hotel room while you're there. I wonder if you're in the same room as you seem to have some cuckhold in you. Or you're just a gutless wonder. IDK. Bottom line: you're close, you know what's happening, what's stopping you? This should be easy.

  • "win the divorce"? What primitive society do you live in that doesn't have no fault divorce?

  • If you don't want to pay everything to her, you have to get some evidences

  • I let my wife suck off a lot of my friends and some guys online. It’s great, she’s been sucking off my buddies for about eight years while I f*** her from behind

  • Love it!

  • I'm agreeing with the guy who's wife is obsessed with sucking. It's starting to p*** me off. At first, I was trying to be happy with it, but I find it absolutely sickening the more I think about it. Wish she would just f****** enjoy my big d***, but it's never enough for her

  • It takes a certain kind of woman that enjoys doing oral with a male. I have had what is best described as a LOT of relationships, and the number of women that eagerly enjoy giving oral is less than a half dozen.
    Unfortunately, I married one of them, and when dating I was thinking it was great how much she loved doing it to me, until I discovered she really wanted to do it with every guy, she was fascinated with penises. Let me assure you that is not good for any relationship when the woman you think you know, the one you think is yours,... is not.

  • Some women need c*** in their mouths all the time. I knew a girl in high school who went nuts if she didn't s*** ten or twelve c***s a day. Needless to say she was very popular.

  • I think you guys might be right. I'm getting turned on when I visualize it. I subtly brought up the idea of trying homosexuality with a normal, straight dude. She wasn't totally against it. I've fallen more in love with her for some reason. Yeah I'm crazy, lol

  • Suck some c***. You will realise why your wife needs it. It’s compelling, the s**** tastes great too.

  • I caught my wife giving a hand job and then a b******* to our neighbor kid, he is barely 20. She is 44, in pretty good shape, and our own s** life I would call good, so it was a surprise to come home and find them in our back yard. They didn't f***, I suddenly wanted them to.
    Later, I confronted her, got tears and the "I'm sorry" stuff. I told her I was furious and from now on she would be my s*** and she would do it with anyone I told her to.
    Then I invited the kid over, man he was nervous and couldn't even get it up at first. Her eyes on me as she sucked on him trying to get him going was real revenge kick. Then I had her give me one.

  • You're furious that you see your wife blowing a young man and then you invite him over for another? Revenge? That's just Bullsh**. You're brainless

  • She is getting older and doesn't want to...it is normal. Plus a young healthy c*** can be very tempting. I would help her to find more d*** to suck. maybe four or five a day if possible. She will get tired of it and return her love to you.
    Go on line and line up five or ten dudes each day to come over. Tell her she has no choice. I knew a girl in high school who sucked about a dozen d**** a day. She was very popular.

  • You are a lucky guy. I wish my wife would suck men off.

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