Caught my Sister giving my husband a b*******

I caught my sister giving my husband a b*******, i wasn't mad i asked myself what i was doing wrong.

Oct 23

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  • I went out with two sisters back in high school, the younger one first, she was 16, then her sister who was 19 and WAY more worldly so we had s** maybe a dozen times.
    Then she went to college, her little sister was no 19 herself and I got her also.
    A few years later I married another gal, but maybe twice a year I still get the younger sister who is also married.
    I probably should have married her, my own wife is a bit of a prude.

  • When I met my wife at a bar 26 years ago I actually had my eye on her sister.

    Long story short we have been married 25 years, but for the last 20 years I’ve been having an affair with my wife’s older sister,

    It started when her sister cam over to help with our first born for a few weeks and it’s been great. My wife and I have 3 beautiful children and her sister has 4 kids. Two of the children look a lot like me.

    My wife walked in on her sister riding my c*** one time. I expected her to be agree but she actually cheated her sister on to “ride harder. ride faster”.

    We been have 3 ways a couple time a year ever since but I prefer having s** with the older sister. Shoot when my wife and I have s** I usually close my eyes and imagine it’s her older sister

  • Send her to my house

  • My wife’s sister is a disgusting filthy pale obese leftist pig who is a s*** for ghetto thugs and trailer trash losers. Not touching that!

  • Me and my sister have always shared men so no competition

  • God this is fake!
    But you should be asking why your sister has no respect for you! Why she has no dignity and decency to leave your husband alone.

  • I am a man and i like different mouths to put my d--k in its its a change that's all

  • I bet you like all kinds of d--k in your mouth too!

  • You were doing nothing wrong. On the other hand, as a guy , if almost any girl makes a move on a guy,almost everyone of them would let their little head dictate the outome! So you did nothing wrong, but please talk to your husband and see what needs to change so that he would say no to the next girl and come home to you!!!

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