I want you to see my t******

I gues I'm an exhibitionist. I love people to see my t***. I like the men's eyes poppin out of their heads and the women acting like there all offended or like something is wrong with me. It's not about s** so I'm not a s***. I just have pretty t*** and I like to show them off. I have bikini tops that are only wide enough to barely cover my nipples. I have sheer, like really sheer, blouses. When I wear button downs, I leave all the buttons open. If I could get away with it I wouldn't wear tops at all. Sometimes if I see a guy looking I'll rub my t*** and lick my lips, or tweak my nipples. My nipples get super hard when I do all this. It's also funny when people try to act like there not looking when there trying really hard to see something. And if a guy says "nice t***" or something I always have a big smile, say "Thank you" and if he can't already see them I make sure he can. God I love my t***! I'm lucky that they are the perfect size, they are firm with just a little jiggle, the nipples are the prettiest pink and they are almost always hard. I wish everyone could see them!

Oct 28

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  • And girls like you are what makes it a pleasure for us guys to walk down the street and see a confident girl proud of her body, there is nothing more arousing than seeing lovely t*** with nipples poking through the material and if they jiggle too this is so wonderful, i wonder if it gives you a warm feeling down there knowing you are giving guys a bulge in their pants

  • I'm just imagining myself DESPERATELY trying to reason with you about not doing this, but you only roll your eyes and giggle as you play with them...

  • At my friends wedding her gramps looked bored and kept looking at my b****. Finally I asked if he wanted to touch them. He looked around and said of course. I said to follow me to the exit staircase and when we got out there, I let him open the top of my dress and pull up my bra and he just kept squeezing them and squeezing them and then he asked if he could nurse on them. LOL He used the word nurse on them. I let him and he must've sucked my t*** for ten minutes while I fingered my p****.

  • Once I got on a crowded bus and stood next to a man who was sitting. He said I could sit down but I said no and I bet he was happy because I kept leaning down and turning back and forth like I was looking out the window and brushing my t*** across his face. I only had one button buttoned and I kept hoping it would pop open and he'd see my hard nipples.

  • I hope it never gets legal for women to be topless. It would make it boring to be able to flash them. I love tempting men to want to suck my t i t t i e s

  • I grew up in the church and for a while I dated a girl with really really strict parents. Normally we were only allowed to see each other when someone was with us to chaperone us. We were like 19 and both had drivers licenses. One day her parents went out and left us unsupervised. We were sitting opposite each other playing a board game. Normally her parents made her wear a dress, tights and control briefs and medium heels. It was summer and she only had a button up blouse top. She undid the blouse and took off her bra. She was shaking. "She said do you like what you see please don't tell anyone". I was fascinated. I just stared. I had never seen a girls b****** before.

  • I get that. I was dared to be topless driving but it was winter so I had to have a hoodie on but fully unzipped so they'd bounce out anyway. Only an older homeless man on a bike noticed. He looked very shocked. Which I found Pretty amusing.

  • You should of told the homeless man to suck on them. Homeless men really appreciate being able to play with t*** and suck nipples. It's hard to get them off you they like it so much.

  • There any way we can see them?

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