My sister hits me in the b**** all the time...

My (14) sister (13) sack taps me all the time and it was getting really annoying. Sometimes we would be at the shops or school or dinner and she backhands me in the nuts and i fall to the ground, she does it for no reason too like im not annoying her or anything she just sack taps randomly. I used to get really annoyed with it except now i kind of like it when i lose power to her like that i dont know why. I dont like hitting myself in the b**** or anything its only when a girl does it sometimes i find it fun even though it hurts like h***.

Oct 28

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  • Rip her t*** off

  • Simply girl power

  • Punch her in the same area everytime she hits ur b**** and she might get the message

  • Maybe tell ur mom or something?

  • Start slapping her boobies and pinching and pulling her nips.

  • When my sister and I were younger she started punching my boobies and told me to punch hers. Then she told me start punching her in her vag.

  • If u want her to sack-tap u more just hang around her in boxers or underwear, that used to work for me.

  • She will probably grow out of the hitting boys in the b**** phase dont worry

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