My confession is that I'm a total s*** and love being w****

My desire to be a totally trashy s*** began when I was about 13-14 but it really goes back to when I was 11 and went to my first concert. It was a long time ago when the craze for crowd surfing and mosh pits were the thing. (Idk, do people still do that?) My friends and I wanted to go to a music festival type concert to see some of our favorite bands but my parents wouldn't let me but finally my dad and uncle agreed to take us. Because I was so young and short my dad had me on his shoulders throughout most of the day and evening and I had a great view of it all. All the loud music and smoke made the experience like a dream. I was watching people crowd-surfing and I wanted to so bad but of course my dad wouldn't have allowed it. Other girls were on their bf's shoulders and I could see all the attention they were getting and it didn't take long to realize they were being harassed to show their t***. Sometimes they did, sometimes their bf's pulled their gf's shirts up and sometimes strangers just grabbed at them. Occasionally one of the girls would get pulled off and start surfing. Watching their bodies tumbling and all the hands on them was so exciting to me. They lost shoes, jewelry, hats and sometimes articles of clothing but I thought it was thrilling, especially when the girls would get carried to the front of the crowd by the stage and get hauled off to some mystery place past the stage.

I don't think I really understood masturbation or o****** or fantasies but the beginnings of all that was in my body while I thought about the show, and I couldn't wait to get older. Flash forward to when I was 13 and I had a bf. A festival was coming and my parents agreed we could go but my father had to take us again. I spent a couple weeks trying to plan on what to wear, I couldn't wait to see if it would be the same as I remembered. I finally decided on what to wear. It was a pair of shorts with a cute belt and one of my favorite tops that would tuck in nicely. I was thrilled to be starting to get t*** and was proud to have my first bra and matching panties. I had new sneakers and the night before the concert I couldn't sleep. I kept tossing and turning trying to imagine what might happen.

When we got to the concert I wanted to be as close up front as possible but it was very crowded and I asked my dad if I could get on his shoulders again. When it got later in the night the crowd was getting rowdier and I could sense the excitement growing, Everyone was bouncing and jumping to the music and I almost forgot about my bf but he was behind us and then I could see he was smoking with a group of kids behind us. When the next louder band started playing (they were one of the headliners) the place was going nuts and everyone was crushing in on us and I could feel someone touching my butt and assumed It was my bf so I didn't stop him. We had fooled around a little and I figured the weed was getting him bolder and I was loving the way it made me feel.

Then suddenly a mosh pit that had started up a little ways away started moving closer to us. It was then I realized my bf wasn't behind me, he was IN the mosh pit bouncing all around! It was thrilling and then everything went crazy as another mosh pit broke out right in front of us. People crushed into us as they tried to get either closer or further away as the pushing started and fists started flying. My dad lost his balance and as I started to fall off his shoulders I was grabbed by several hands and started feeling myself floating above the crowd. It was magical as I watched the sky above me, feeling fingers all underneath me, the music roaring, I was in heaven. Then I got rolled over facing downward and hands and fingers were on my t*** and between my legs but only briefly as the crowd moved me but it didn't last long as I started to tumble to the ground. I was lucky to be grabbed by a couple guys who helped right me on my feet because I may have been trampled. But one who was obviously drunk or high or both tried dancing with me. He was trying to feel my butt and then tried to go in for a kiss.

Abruptly he stopped and was shoved out of the way by my dad. He grabbed my arm and I saw he had my bf's arm in his other hand and he was dragging us away before any of us was hurt more than we were already. My bf had been punched in the face and kicked. He lost a tooth from it all. My dad was covered with beer where someone had thrown it at him. He thought I was surely traumatized by what he could see happening to me but was powerless to stop until he could start shoving his way through the crowd to follow me. My experience probably lasted under two minutes but it was the most exciting two minutes and I was already thinking about my next concert I'd attend.

When we got home, my mom was all worried and upset but my dad said "our little lady handled it really well. She stayed calm and I'm really proud of her." He actually was surprised when we were leaving the stadium that I wasn't in tears and freaking but he chalked it up to 'my maturity' rather than realizing it was because I was so into it and wished it hadn't stopped.

I went to bed not long after we got home. I then realized and was surprised that I hadn't lost a shoe, my belt or anything. My clothes were in great shape! But that's when my mind started calculating. I was disappointed that I hadn't lost any clothes, I was almost angry that the hands and fingers that were all over my body didn't touch skin, or at least not on skin where it mattered. All my clothes were safe. The tucked in top wouldn't have been easy to remove and I had on a bra that kept hands from my t***. My shorts were also hard to remove, especially with a belt buckled on, and my panties were another protective layer. My outfit for my next concert would be completely different. As I was falling asleep I was also rubbing my v***** and getting tingly as I thought about what stranger or strangers had been touching my ass. The clothing had to be changed for that too.

My next concert ended up being only a month away but our plan was way different. I was going with a few of my gfs. Each of us gave different stories to our parents about who was driving us, who would be chaperoning and where we'd spend the night. I'm not sure what specifically my gfs had in mind, probably just to feel like they were getting away with something, but I knew that I wanted a new and better experience.

Our girl gang decided to start and end the weekend at my one friends house. Her dad traveled all the time so he was away and her mom spent most of her time while he was gone drinking alone or having her friends over or they'd go out. My gf pretty much was in charge of herself. So the plan was her mom would drive us to the concert and pick us up afterward. When my mom dropped me off, my little gym bag held my overnight things AND the outfit I would be wearing to the concert. She thought I'd be wearing something like what I had on. A simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a hoodie because the nights were getting chillier.

We were all up early, getting ready, fixing our hair and makeup and we were all dressing much more adult like for our exciting day and night. As we all saw each other's outfits we each tried to make ours a little better. Jeans or jean shorts had the snap unsnapped and the zipper pulled down a little, button down blouses were suddenly tied at the waist and much more makeup was applied. My gf's mom didn't give a f*** what we did which was perfect. I started getting ready and pulled on a pair of little nylon gym shorts that were a little loose and hung a little low on my waist and I wore a cute little top that had skinny straps that tied at the shoulders and a little of my belly showed at the waist. My bravest decision was to not only go braless but I had bought a very small thong bikini that I had hidden from my mom. She would have never approved. I wore cute little strappy sandals and between my outfit, my make up, my jewelry and hair, I was sure I had to look 18, all of us did!

We got to the concert and the first thing I did once her mom was out of sight was to fold down the waist of my shorts a little lower so more of my hips showed along with the top of the thong panties and I retied the straps of my top so it hiked it up a lot further and I had some underboob showing. While we all made adjustments, mine were the most dramatic and even my friends were a bit surprised but it was shrugged off and we went to see what trouble we could find. You could already smell the marijuana in the air but we were intent on finding beer. It did not take long to start chatting up some boys and before we knew it, we all had beer cups in our hands.

We were having a great time swaying to the music, feeling very grown up, even if my one girlfriend was already feeling the beer too much. I had sipped on mine but I didn't want to be drunk. I wanted to experience everything and not forget a thing. So I drank just enough to feel a buzz. I'm sure everyone thought I was being responsible because I had made a plan on how we'd meet up if we got separated but my real reason was because my first plan for the evening was to ditch the friends.

All of us were dancing, enjoying the attention of lots of boys and men!! I had rolled down my shorts even more so more of my belly was showing. I was a bit nervous about how high I had pulled up my top because sometimes as I was dancing I could really tell my underboobs showing. But as nervous as I was, I was more excited by it. I made a trip to the restroom by myself just to get a feel for the place on my own and loved the attention I was getting. I found myself putting my hands high over my head as I danced my way through the crowd and from the guys faces I could tell they were seeing more than just my underboobs. Part 2 summing soon.

Oct 31

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