I need my p**** eaten!

My husband hasn't gone down on me in twenty years. He's never been a fan of giving oral. I had a brief fling with a woman about a decade ago but she wanted a romantic relationship and I just wanted her mouth on my p****. I didn't even want to reciprocate. Darn shame too because she was pretty good and loved p**** so much that she could eat all afternoon. And that's where I am. I wish prostitution was legal because all I want is a mouth on my p**** lips, lips sucking on my c***, with a tongue going in my vag and a***. Kissing would be okay, b*** play is heaps of fun but that's all I want. But I want it to happen again and again and not have to spend time trying to find someone to do it over and over again. Whoda thunk it'd be so hard to find someone safe to eat my p**** once a week or even once a month. Any takers on the east coast of the USA?

Oct 31

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