My gay roommate f***** me last night while I was high on Ecstasy.

Ryan has been my roommate just for this school year because we are both out of state transfers. I knew he had a crush on me or at least wanted the novelty of f****** a straight guy. Last night at a Halloween party I took ecstasy like I had a few times before. It does make me h**** but this time was ten fold. I was craving human touch. I then hooked up when a fat girl but she kicked me out at 3am.
I got back to my dorm and acted like I was drunk, knocking stuff over and being loud. When I was sure Ryan was watching me I pretended to pass out on top of my covers naked. He climbed into bed with me and started immediately feeling me up, it felt amazing on Ecstasy. I could not stop moaning. He then got naked and started Luding me up. He took it slow penetrating my ass but even the pain felt amazing. He got off, then sucked me off. He told me he never had a partner o***** that hard.
Woke up around an hour ago with him spooning me. I left and acted like I didn't remember most of it. Not sure what I should do. I definitely don't find men attractive. I also can't believe I hooked up with a fat girl. I am dreading going back to my dorm room and facing Ryan. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Nov 1

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  • If you enjoyed it, TELL him!

  • My friend Wil who I met at day camp in fifth grade was the only boy who didn't make fun of me cause I'm kinda femmy like...
    People actually think that I'm a girl and not a boy.... Wil was 12 and I was 10 and gonna be 11 soon. Wil said that maybe "I'm gay and just don't know it yet""
    I said "How do you know, I mean like, can you tell?" He looked at me strange like and kissed me on my lips like really long...I only opened my eyes when he stopped kissing and said whispering "Because you're pretty, real pretty, too pretty not to be kinda gay....I am."
    I met with Wil and Jackie his boyfriend who's 15 on Saturday and went home so gay for a 10 year old soon to be 11...I kissed, actually sucked and watched Jackie f*** Wil and then got it from Wil on my tummy like he was with Jackie. Jackie said "Cool Wil, you never did it to anyone...Jaycie...can I too, can I?"
    "...okay..." I meekly said.
    I walked my bike home little pants, the white cotton panties that boys wear were all messed up and full of all the white stuff (sperm) that they pee'd in my the thick creamy stuff seeped out of my underpants and slowly ran down my smooth boyish inner thighs..."I'm never gonna do that again " I said aloud to myself..then Wil called that night " Jaycie, Wanna hang out with me and Jackie at "Old Sam's Woods" tomorrow ?" I thought for a minute "Uh-huh, okay I'll go to Sunday school and skip church, mom won't know!" There in the Old Sam's woods in my Sunday best poplin pin striped suits short pants hastily tossed aside with my little white boy panties still around one knee I giggled and blushed as I wiggled my girlyboys sweet checked bottom down onto Jackie's erect generous boycock which disappeared into me with a new found delight. I was straddling him bare bottom with my suit jacket, shirt tails, white panty around my knee, socks and shoes still on sucking Wil and as both boy's boy c** flooded into me.

  • Many years ago I had a roommate who was gay. I later caught him cross dressing and he actually was pretty hot in his girl persona. I started f****** him and he started dressing in girls clothes whenever he was home. He enjoyed being treated like a girl and never said "no".

  • U be fine, just don't let it happen again

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