I like d***

There's this girl who is a real d***. When I first met her I thought she was a dude and said so to her face. Then everytime I saw her I'd tell my friends I thought she was a dude. Then one time I did this she charged over to me, grabbed my t** and started squeezing harder than I'd of thought possible and then she kneed me in my p****. She asked me so what am I? And I said idk, a dude? She grabbed my t** again and started twisting it and punched me in the stomach. My friends just watched as I collapsed to the ground and d***-boy said I never wanna hear that again. The next day I went to her dorm room with my friend and when she opened the door I said are you the dude that lives here? She pulled me into the room and told my friend get in or out but either way, shut the door. My friend came in and shut the door behind her. D*** boy told me to me take off my clothes. I did and she started twisting both my t*** before pummeling them over and over. Then she leaned over and sucked the nips into her mouth one at a time and starting biting while pinching the other. She told me to lay on the floor on my side and my t** was laying against the floor and she started grinding her heel into it, told me to roll over and did the same with my other t**. She kicked me over on my back and kicked my legs apart and put on her boots. My p**** was getting wet while I watched her then she hauled off and kicked my c*** so hard I crumpled and had tears in my eyes, then she kicked my c*** again. My friend was watching all this wide-eyed and d*** boy told her to get me outta there. She just stood there staring at me and turned to the d*** and said what did you say boy? The d*** was furious and told her to strip and get down and eat my c***. My friend was on her hands and knees and the d*** kicked her full on in her c***. I started laughing and d*** boy told me to get up and get behind my friend and starting eating her ass while she kicked my c*** over and over. I never hurt so good and now I go to her dorm at least once a week and sometimes my other friend comes with me too. D*** boy never has s** with me but she's punched me from head to two and still kicks my c*** but she's starting to fist it now too, then she says she's gonna start fisting my a******. I can't wait. But I hope someday she'll kiss me too and lick my c***. Maybe I should stop calling her a dude? idk and idk what I'll do when the semester's over.

Nov 3

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