Freaky Anime P***

I watch a lot of freaky p*** but I mostly like anime p*** where they rough up girls with monsters and f****** machines raping them in every hole. My favorite is when the s*** is in bondage suspended and a multi-tentacled monster is f****** her c*** and a******, with another tentacle down her throat and smaller tentacles tightly wrapped around her nipples. It's so f****** hot to see her unable to move or get away and being f***** so brutally in every hole like the w**** she is. Like all women should be treated. I'd like to see some c*** in real life being f***** that way, her c*** and a****** being torn open by the huge tentacle, while another one chokes her throat and her nipples are being yanked like crazy. I'm f****** ready to bust a nut here on this. I'd pay to see a real girl used that way and I don't care who she is. She could be my mother or sister. All whores should be used that way like the c**** they are.

Nov 6

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