Love sucks

I fell totally in love with a girl a few years ago. She was much younger than me. She was very kinky and not very nice.
During our short time together she occasionally prostituted when she was short on cash. Once she spent a day having s** with 2 couples and several single men for an amateur website, for only $200 and a copy of the pics/video.
My low point came when she humiliated me and dumped me on the same day.
She had a fantasy of seeing 2 men have s**. I agreed and thought she was arranging a MMF 3sum where there would be bi play between the guys. Instead I got a big surprise. When the doorbell rang and she answered the door, in walked 2 men. She introduced them and informed me they were a gay couple that lived a couple of doors down from her. She made me strip in front of them. She became verbally abusive, calling me names and making fun of my "tiny d***". She made me got on my knees and start sucking their d****. Both of them were pretty big, maybe 8 inches. They were very rough , making me choke and gag. They pushed me down on all 4's as one abused my mouth the other started lubing up my a****** as he pushed his fingers inside me. When he started shove his 8 inches in me it hurt like h***. When he started f****** my ass, my girlfriend loved it. She started calling me a "f**" and even made me say out loud "I love d*** in my ass". I spent the evening being verbally humiliated as the 2 guys took turned f****** me in the ass and mouth. After both of them had gotten off twice my ass was sore and dripping c**. One of them even pulled out of my ass and made me take his d*** in my mouth and swallow his c**.
The three of them made me stand in the middle of the room and j*******. My girlfriend ordered me to c** in my hand and lick it off as they all laughed. After the guys left I wanted to have s** with my girlfriend. She rejected me and called me a "f**" as she told me she didn't want to see me anymore.

Nov 8

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