How to make her a s***

1-love her. Love her madly. This is a gift, an open door that can only be contemplated when the thought of judgement is removed
2-Plant the idea and remove the self imposed guilt she may impose on herself. How? When you are on top of her, tell her how hot/sexy she looks when she is getting phuqed. Tell her you "love watching a c*** go in and out of you". As you are on top of her, put two fingers in her mouth. If she sucks them, she is open to another D in her mouth.
Get a d**** and do her with it while you are sucking her c***. Ask her if she likes getting phuqed while you suck her c***. Stand up and have her blow you, while you F her with the dildoe. Then say, "you like these two diqs in you baby?". If she says yes, she is on the road to being a s*** and letting you f her friends.

Nov 8

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