Someone PLEASE GRAB MY T******

I so love the idea of my t****** being groped and was always disappointed that it didn't happen nearly often enough until I found the secret, at least what works for me. I now ride the bus and metro at real busy times, the difference being I have streamlined my wardrobe to more blouses that totally show my nipples or are much shorter for significant under boobie views or open on the sides under my arms for a clear side view of my hard nips. It makes it perfectly obvious that I want attention.

They always start slow, either to make sure I'm responsive or maybe that's just the way they like it so they feel like their getting away with something or forcing me. That's fine with me because I like it that way too. I don't want to be a willing participant. I was worried at first that being so bold would make them talk to me or ask me out or want something more but that's never happened. I mean of course I have some dudes striking up conversations but they just want a close up look.

On the regular I get lectures from angry women telling me I'm setting back the women's movement a hundred years. I just roll my eyes and say whatever. I just love feeling someone close behind me, wondering if he's the one, then feeling the first hint of fingertips lightly touching skin, then moving in a little more boldly, finally they're grasping my tittie and flicking my nipples. Damn I can almost c** from that alone. Then I start feeling his hard d*** against my ass or hip as he gets much more aggressive squeezing my t****** and pinching my nipples.

I've had a couple times where they must have pulled their d*** out because they came on the back of my pants or skirt. It's gross but I love that I made them that excited. I do miss the thrill of them first slipping inside my top, then trying to slip into my bra to free my nipples but a girl has to settle for what she can get.

Oh girls, if you're curious I understand you'll still get groped at concerts but I'm too old to go to that type of show anymore and not look like an old fool. I'm older yes but my t****** are still pretty nice, especially since men are allowed to do what they want with them.

Nov 8

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