S*** eating

I love to eat my own s***. I did it again this morning in the shower room, Oh, it wasn't anything big, but I'm addicted. Yes, it's gross, and I'm aware that s*** contains bacteria, but I don't give a damn. Everybody dies, and perhaps this will kill me, I'm never going to stop eating my own s***.

This fetish started when I was a kid. I'd reach into the toilet, grab a big handful of my fresh s***, close and lock the door, and smear it all over my body, and shoved the rest of the log into my mouth. Once I got over the gross taste, it was so good. You have to get used to the stinky, putrid smell of s***
to enjoy it, and I did, but each time, is worse than the last, but to me, it is so worth it.

Eating my s*** is my way of telling the world to f*** off!!! The world hates me, and I hate the world, and myself. I can't think of anything more satisfying then being nude, eating a big plate of warm s***, and being covered in messy s***.

Nov 10

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  • Don't forget to brush and gargle!

  • Disgusting beyond words!

  • For once I can say "you are full of s***" and it will not be just an expression, a metaphor or an insult.

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