My son acts like a dog

No kidding... My son acts like a dog (let's just say his name is Arty) I told my son we couldn't have a dog, so I guess his reasoning was to become the dog. Arty's 9 years old. He's been doing this for quite a while. He folded up his blanket to be a makeshift dog bed. He barks at cats whenever we pass one. Arty sticks hid out the window on drivers. He even sticks his tongue out sometimes. He even gave himself the dog name Arty.

Arty got some dog toys from his aunt. She has so many of them. I caught him eating from their dog bowls. He likes dog food? Arty really does. I've been seeing him eye the dog collars his aunt has. I also caught him sniffing dog butts when we go to the dog park.

Other than that long list of things he does, he's basically a normal kid. But all those other times, he's a mess. Other parents have it easy.

Nov 18


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  • Let me guess.... He pees on trees,buildings,fire hydrants,and tires,chase squirrels and cats,scratches and howls,growls,plays fetch,etc. If so,video tape it and put it on YouTube.

  • He's going to have a weird adulthood if he keeps this up.

  • No parent has it easy.

  • You said it. My daughter would get along with him greatly. I feel for them.

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