like it or not, as hard as it is

when it comes to him and I, we did have something and the love was mutual. It still is. You don't know what went on between us in that house and you never will. You don't know the real true reason I left and you never will. You know what he tells you. And at this point, to make you happy, he's gonna say whatever he needs to say. Which means he's probably laying it all on me. Fine. But with everything that was f***** up, who was the one who was always offering to go? Who was at least offering and trying since I knew neither of you were going anywhere? And this time instead of letting him talk me out of it and bully me out of it, I left anyway. So ya'll could have each other. So you could quit worrying about me and stop coming down on his ass- because every time you did, he would turn around and come down on mine. Whether it was warranted or not. You've got him now. Enjoy each other. I'm out of this trailer park, toots.

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