Tied up and gagged by Rebecca and Diana

Yesterday afternoon I went to the local art gallery owned by local mother and daughter Rebecca and Diana with a phone that was given to me by my mother Narelle and when I arrived at the art gallery I spoke with Rebecca and she said I believe that you have something for us Robert and I said yes I do and with that her daughter Diana walked back past me and locked the front door of the art gallery and pulled the blinds down while her mother Rebecca held a small black handgun at me and ordered me to hand over the phone so I did and it started ringing suddenly Rebecca said to Diana his mother Narelle has taken some of our people hostage so I think we should take him hostage against his will and Diana said absolutely mom and with that they ordered me to follow them down the stairs behind the counter to the basement and when I got down there there was a row of 12 other chairs with hostages bound and gagged and blindfolded and rendered deaf dumb and blind and Diana said don't worry you will be joining the other hostages and with that Rebecca dragged another straight back wooden chair out of the corner and into the middle of the room and ordered me to sit down and place my hands behind the chair and my legs against the chair legs and with that Rebecca came behind the chair and started tying up my hands with rope while her daughter Diana got down in front of me and started tying my legs against the chair legs with rope next Rebecca came up with a pair of panties and ordered me to open up nice and wide while Diana got to work tearing pieces of duct tape off the roll of tape to put tape over my mouth when her mother Rebecca said I'm having some trouble with being able to get him to open up nice and wide with that Diana helped her mother Rebecca to get the panties in my mouth then they placed up to 7 pieces of duct tape over my mouth to keep me nice and quiet next came the earplugs in my ears to render me deaf and then it was time for the black hood over my head after that my 2 kidnappers left the room and shut the basement door and locked it I had no idea what would happen next or why I had to be bound and gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind but finally 7 hours later Rebecca came back and took the black hood over my head off and took the earplugs out of my ears and the duct tape over my mouth off and took the panties out of my mouth and gave me some food and drink and so I asked her why I was tied up with 12 other people and she said because your mother owes me money so I have you and some of her staff bound and gagged but my daughter Diana killed your dad here in this basement during a surgical operation when we removed his organs and I asked her if I could receive the same surgical operation and she said only once we get rid of the other hostages then we will operate on you for 10 and a half hours to remove your organs so that you will die just like your father and I asked her can you and your daughter Diana get dressed in your surgical scrubs and get ready to operate please and she turned to her daughter Diana and said sweetheart can you go back upstairs and get our surgical scrubs and masks and gloves please along with our surgical equipment our hostage wants his surgical operation done by both of us

Nov 27

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