D****** is a sexual act in which a person goes out to a public spot and has s** with random strangers.
Last week I was in the right place, right time. While driving to Florida I had to stop at a roadside park to get some air and stretch m,y legs. I walked around the area and the sidewalk went through a wooded picnic area. I saw some movement on the far side of the property. As I got closer I was surprised to find a couple (girl and guy) servicing a group of guys. The girl was bent over a picnic table getting f*****. The guy was on his knees sucking the men to get them hard and ready to f***. I watched a couple of guys take their turn and finally decided to get in line. When i got my turn it was so different than any other experience I have had. Her p**** was loose, sloppy and full of c**. I finally added my load, zipped up and got back on the road.

Dec 4

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  • I sure like to kno the rest spot you went too. That's sounds hot. Guy in his knees getty them hard so they can f*** her, I love to get f*****

  • I promptly told my wife when I first learned of dog ing. While it was a turn on, the hazards were too great to jump into trying it with my wife. I did start keeping my eyes out for places where that happened. While I found a lot of places where that COULD happen, I didn't find anywhere it WAS happening. So I started searching the internet. The first couple I connected with, where it actually worked out, was a young Filipino couple.

    When I got there I didn't see anyone else so I mistakenly thought I was first. The wife was hesitant and wouldn't remove her dress until she confirmed I was there for what they were hoping for. It wasn't until I went down on her that the signs finally dawned on my my mistake of believing I was first. That vexed me greatly. I stopped being gentle and began to roughly have my way with her. Becoming more rough seemed to please them both immensely. It was not the reaction I was expecting but I went with it.

    While we were going at it another man arrived. He watched for a while and then decided he couldn't wait his turn and stuck IT in her mouth. Her husband was very pleased. For some reason, at the time, I was upset by it. I pounded harder to hurry up. Despite my efforts the other man finished first. I was shocked and embarrassed for the other guy.

    When I was finally done and they were busy with a new guy I removed the rubber then snagged the dress and wiped myself off with it. As I did I realized it was already sticky. GROSS! Without thinking I started to toss the dress before I realized it wasn't mine to decide to toss. It was then that I thought of my wife. When I got back to my car I gave it to my wife. She was also grossed out by it's stickiness and threw it away once we were long out of sight.

    We tried to set it up for my wife, but so far, we haven't set it up to where my wife has gone through with it

  • Got aids yet?

  • Nope, haven't hooked up with you yet...

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