Hotel Room Pis*ing

So recently I’ve been staying in hotels more often than usual. I usually travel with friends and family but always have a room to myself.
I love to get dirty in hotel rooms, sometimes on camera for guys to watch me w*** myself off in the mirror. I always get completely naked and rub myself all over the furniture, wanking my c*** into the bedding and curtains. I find it hot leaving my c** stains on the soft fabric of chairs etc.
I once cummed in the hotel kettle, mugs, carpet.
And now I’ve been p****** on the carpet too. I know it’s wrong and i think that’s why I get so turned on by it. I just don’t want to get in trouble if anyone found out.
Does anyone else p*** on the carpet in hotel rooms and if so have you ever been caught, do you clean up afterwards? What is your experience

Dec 6

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  • I love peeing on carpet. I’ve peed in hallways at hotels and office buildings. I love watching other people pee on carpet too.

  • I talked my boyfriend into doing it once in a hotel room. I told him I wanted to watch him pee. He said “like into the toilet?” I said “no. Dirtier than that”. He said “like into the sink or shower”. I said “no. On the floor. On the carpet. Right here.” He stood in front of me and unzipped. He pulled out his semi-hard d*** and started to p*** on the floor. I was getting very wet. I reached out and held his p**** as he peed. He started getting hard. When he was done, I sucked his d*** and watched him c** on the floor in the p*** spot.

  • That’s so hot. I’d definitely let you watch me p*** all over the hotel room and then finish off by c****** on the furniture to leave my stain behind.

  • I love p****** on the carpet in hotel rooms. I usually do it in a corner behind some furniture, so it's not seen easily. I like to do it like twice soon before I check out. It isn't seen until it starts to smell a day or two later and they go looking. By then, it's hard to blame on any one. Haven't been caught yet!

  • Lovely. I’ll start doing it behind furniture. There’s just something that turns me on. I once done a s*** on the floor for an older guy on video chat.

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