Easy s***

There's a girl in school who's a year below me called ann 15 a six form lad pretend to like her and took her into the six form area where 7 of his friends we're waiting and g********* her I was hearing from a mate that knows her she's been mainly sucking lads off i saw her when i was bunking off school and called her over and talked crap just to keep her there and we moved further into the woods so we wouldn't be seen all i was thinking about was f****** her she had her white shirt on with a black skirt and knee length socks for some reason school lets her I made a move on her after about 20 minutes i lifted up the front of her skirt and she didn't stop me and knew then i was in i needed to c** and got her to suck me off it was over pretty quick but i wasn't done i arranged to me her the next day before school and took her to my auntie house knowing we had the house to ourselves i took her upstairs and ann sat down and asked me what now i told her as i was getting my clothes off that im going to f*** her and she never said no and slowly took her shirt off and pulled down her knickers i couldn't wait told her not to worry about her skirt she moved back a little on the bed and at the same time i pulled her legs apart and shoved my d*** into her i heard her say f****** h*** but i just kept going until i was done she went to get dressed but i talked her into staying until lunchtime f****** more she lets me do whatever i want with her it's been 3 months and no one knows about us

Dec 7

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